About The Kid

The Chipmunk hit the big time Nov. 8th, 2010.   In his first appearance he has made many good impressions on his fans.   He has made people laugh in the middle of a prayer at church with his poo’ing prowess, his rookie dad was impressed with his burping technique, and his mom loved how he cuddled with her when she comes home from work.

The chipmunk worked real hard at improving his game in the first few months.  He impressed his doctor when he was able to hold his head up and look around as much as he could.   He worked on his standing with the assistance of his coaches (The Rookie Dad & and mom).   He loved to smile and let you know when he is happy.

About 9 months old the chipmunk started walking and never looked back.   He started getting into everything and so Hot Mama and dad had to make sure the house was Kid proof!

When the chipmunk turned 11 months old, it was time to graduate to a new name, so in came “The Kid.”   He was no longer a chipmunk.  The cheeks had gone away and he lost weight.

Now, Hot Mama and dad are just wishing he would start talking, or do we want him to start? We said that about him walking and now we wish he wasn’t! HAHA!

The Chipmunk was born at 3:02am on November 8th 2010.  He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and had a length of 20.5 inches.

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  1. Congrats Mom & Dad! May your William grow and be Blessed in his young life!

    From a William in Washington State. And a Dad of 3 (2 girls and my only son) 🙂

  2. Hello William, my third niece also born on November 8th 2010.. 🙂

  3. Hello William! This is your aunt writing to you from St. Petersburg, Russia. You do not know who I am yet, I have not even gotten to hold you (you might have seen me over Skype), but in about three weeks, I am going to spend days with you and we are going to have our first bonding experience. I think about you often and wish I could be there with you during this first part of your life, but know that even though I am not there physically, I am there in every other way. I think about you, I pray for you, I dream about getting to support you in everything you try in life, getting to play with you, and bonding with you through spoiling you in ways that only aunts can. I love you William and hope that we get to know each other quite well in the future. You are the lucky son of two fabulous parents. I know this because I know both of them and they are going to do everything in their power to give you the best possible life. You might encounter many problems in life, unfortunately they are bound to happen, but know that the one problem you will never face is being loved. That, my cherished nephew, is the most precious and important thing in life. Know that whatever comes, be it successes or failures, mistakes or accomplishments, bad moods and goods moods, you are loved, every part of you. I am saying this from the bottom of my heart, but also know that you have others in your life who feel the same way. Accept how loved you are and know that I am always there for you, know matter the distance.
    With love,
    Aunt Amy

  4. Darling Baby, wonderful parents, nice extended family. Blessings!

  5. This is so sweet! Makes me want to share all about my baby in my blog. Your boy’s really cute n cuddly! Alright, I’m going to put up pictures of my son too 🙂

  6. sooo cute! :))))

    We say “baby is flower of life”))
    wish you will have a huge bouquet of flowers :)))

  7. It is so wonderful to see that you are having a good time with the Chimpmunk and discovering the world together.

  8. sorry, hit the enter button too fast, I mean CHIPMUNK!

  9. A beautiful family. What a blessing

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