Being Superdad

I tend to shy away from writing about my family.  It has gotten me into hot water before and I since then, I try to not muddy the waters.  But this past weekend I saw something from a family member that was worth writing because I was blown away. 

My brother-in-law amazes me.  Simply put, I don’t know how he does what he does.  Not only do I see this, but many people on the Mrs. Rookie Dad’s side of the family sees it as well. It was no more evident than this weekend.

He was a Superdad!

The Rookie has three cousins on the Mrs. Rookie Dad side of the family.  All of which belong to her sister and husband.  This past weekend we attended what could be the last wedding on her side of the family.  One of the cousins was the flower girl and the other cousin was a co-ring bearer with the Rookie.  If you are counting you may realize that there are only 2 cousins, well one of his other cousins is 9 months old and not able to take part fully in the wedding ceremony.

Being Superdad - The Rookie Dad

The Rookie wondering why the heck he has to wear this outfit.

On top of this, Mrs. Rookie Dad and her sister were both bridesmaids in the wedding. This meant that the Rookie would be spending nearly the entire day with his cousins as the girls got ready.  The dads, in charge of taking care of the children.  For many that can be a scary thought.

My job this past Saturday was easy.  The Rookie was a handful and I could not imagine what that day would have been like if there were more Rookies running around.  There are times that I am at my wit’s end when he is off the wall and there is not a thing I could do to calm him down.  That is compounded when he doesn’t sleep very well.  However, Mrs. Rookie Dad will say that I am not the one to take care of him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

I look at what my brother-in-law was responsible for though, and I was amazed.  A 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 9 month old.  Not an easy task.  Watching him take care of the kids through the day.  While he might not have said this but I could tell that he was on top of his game.  I watched him changed a diaper all while ripping a page out of a coloring book for the kids to color as we waiting for the kids to be summoned for pictures.

I was just in awe watching him.  He was able to keep track of all the kids and keep them out of danger.  In fact it was the Rookie who somehow got a black-eye at some point during the wedding. But, he was able to keep them entertained, happy, and well-behaved all while he kept his sanity.

Along with all the guest at the wedding, I watched as the flower girl didn’t want to stand up with the bridesmaids and leave the room entirely.  What did he do?  He ran after her all while holding his 9 month old feeding him a bottle.

I can’t imagine taking care of three kids.  One is hard enough. I should have taken lessons from him.  At least I should have asked him for advice. I know that someday in the future there will be another Rookie running around the house and I will need to somehow stay cool under pressure like he did.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I’m always amazed by parents like that! I can barely take care of myself and fear the day I am responsible for another human!
    P.s. The Rookie looked adorable!

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