ScoreBig Review

The Rookie Dad did receive compensation by ScoreBig for this review, however that compensation did not in any way change my opinion of the service.

By now you already know that I am a big baseball fan, in fact I’m a big Colorado Rockies fan. Growing up in Kansas you would think that I would have turned out to be a Kansas City Royals fan however that is an argument that I really don’t want to get into now. When I found out that I would be going to Denver for a recent business trip, I knew almost immediately, that I would be hitting up a Rockies game. No matter what the cost.

That is when ScoreBig came to me asking me to try out their ticket service. To make it simple, I like to call it the Priceline for sports and concert tickets. The process is very easy. When you find the tickets that you want, you place your bid, and you wait to see if ScoreBig will accept or deny your bid. ScoreBig immediately accepted my bid. ScoreBig even has a little bar that will tell you the likelihood of your bid being accepted. I was able to score $75 tickets for only $50 bucks each.

The savings that I received from using ScoreBig was incredible because before they contacted me I wasn’t sure where I was going to sit or how much I was willing to spend. Score Big allowed me to get closer to my favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies.  The seats that I had were not only closer but they ended up on an aisle… how lucky am I!

ScoreBig - The Rookie Dad

When you are a Rookie Dad like myself and have a family on a budget being able to buy sports tickets cheaper than face value is a huge weight off my shoulders. The process is extremely smooth as well and I would use this service again.

You can visit ScoreBig Online or here is a list of their social media sites…

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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