Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We are from a major metro city in the Midwest.  We have all of the major stores at our disposal Lowes, Home Depot, a mall, and a Target all within driving distance.  The part of the city we live in though, has us taking an entire day just to run some errands sometimes, leaving us to realize that sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

As Mrs. Rookie Dad and I were making plans to visit her family over this past Memorial Day weekend, we were talking about some of the places that we really wanted to go, which were all stores that we have in the city we live in.  Her family, lives in a smaller town (by smaller I mean the difference between a metro area the size of 2 million and a city the size of 390,000) but still has all of the amenities and stores of a bigger metro city.

We thought it was intriguing that we would want to shop in a town where we have the same stores as the city we live in.  We were discussing why we would think that it is so much easier to go shopping in this smaller town and began to realize that sometimes just because we live in a big city, it doesn’t make everything more convenient.

For one, we would be able to go shopping while having a third person, her mother, with us.  That means one more person to watch and entertain the Kid while we are shopping.  This would lead to us being less stressed while we were shopping and we would end up making better decisions on some of the purchases that we needed to make.

In a smaller town, everything is within 10 minutes of where you live too.  If I needed to run to Lowe’s, I could without having to take 2 hours out of my schedule to just go looking at a barbecue grill.  If we couldn’t find what we wanted in one store we could just drive down the road and find what we needed in another store.  Yes, this is possible in a bigger city, but you have to fight traffic both on the road and in the store.

For example, I was looking for new running shoes.  Our first stop, we didn’t find the shoes that I was looking for. This was followed by the same result in the second and third stop.  Finally, we ended up stopping at a store that I found the shoes that I liked.
Bigger Isn't Always Better - The Rookie Dad

Yes, I did pick out some pink shoes.

Friends of mine who live in this smaller city laugh at me when I tell them all of the shopping we are going to end up doing.  It’s hard to explain to them that things are so much easier in a smaller town than they are where we live.

The saying size matters doesn’t always translate however, to city size.  Some people will say that they would not want anywhere but a major metroplex while there are others who enjoy the benefits of a smaller city.  Not only is the cost of living much lower, but being able to drive only 10 minutes from your house instead of making a day of running errands really helps keep a toddler happy.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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