A Hit on the Head

There comes a moment in a man’s life when he says or does something hits him over the head, and I’m not talking about the wife’s hand hitting the back of our head when we say something stupid.  I’m talking about a moment that might flutter by at that particular time but a day later, he realizes just what happened at that moment.  For me, that moment was yesterday during a job interview.

I have not said it yet here on my site, but I have brought it up over on Dads Round Table, I have been laid-off.  It is tough when you are supporting a son and a wife going through law school.  It feels like everything has been stripped from me.  Having three months left until my last day, which ironically falls on my birthday, every day I walk into to work my pride sinks and my feeling of being needed is crushed just a little bit more.

Things have slowly turned around however.  After what seems like one-hundred resumes sent out (it is really only 35) and a couple of phone interviews, yesterday I had my first in-person interview, which is an accomplishment in-and-of itself these days.  As the interview went on, my confidence was building, I felt like I was nailing it, I was prepared for the questions, and then I was asked one that I had not thought about.

What do you like to do in your free time?

A legitimate question when you think about it and one that the answer floated off my tongue so beautifully that my mind did not have time to process what was really being said.

I like to spend time with my family.  My wife is currently in law school so any time I get to spend with her is time that I treasure and I have the time of my life playing with my 2-year-old son.  Both of them drive me to be a better person and work hard in life.

The conversation soon shifted towards parenting as both of my interviewers had 2-year-olds as well and we talked at great length about how much fun this age is.   As I sit there telling these strangers that could potentially be my bosses about things that I haven’t even told my current employer about me it wasn’t even hitting me what was going on.  It didn’t even strike me as I was walking out of the interview nearly jumping for joy feeling as though I nailed it.  It wasn’t until my commute to my current job the next day that it hit me just how much my family has meant to me during this time. Being laid-off is a hard time in anyone’s life.

hit on the head

© The Rookie Dad

Without the support of my family, I would not have been at that interview yesterday and I probably would not have the confidence that I had during it.  My wife has been there each step of the way, helping me, advising me, and supporting me as there are days where my pride is just gone thinking that someday I will not be able to support my family.  My son has been there telling knock-knock jokes and making me laugh cheering me up when I have had a rough day hunting for a job. I know that I will eventually find a job.

A job that will support my family because they are giving me the support that I need to find one.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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