It’s Been Tough

Copyright The Rookie Dad

Copyright The Rookie Dad

It may look on the outside that I do not feel for you son.  It may seem that I am hiding a lot of my emotions  It may look like I am not being a good dad but this whole tough love deal was tougher than imagined.

We did not realize last week that you were sick when we started closing you in your room to keep you in your toddler bed.  We did not know until the next day after a very rough night.   Once we figured out that you were sick, your crib was immediately put back together.  We did not want you going through a major change while you were sick. Your mother and myself were not ready for just how rough things were going to get.

Understand, that we have undergone a lot of changes son.  You are changing day cares, instead of your mother dropping you off now I am, and your mother is starting classes again.  It is difficult.  VERY difficult.

I have beaten myself up lately.  I never listened to your mother when she told me 5 months ago that you were to young for your toddler bed.   It is a lesson that I still have to learn.  It created a rough 5 months of you running into our room in the middle of the night.  Many sleepless nights by your mother and myself, you included.  That was just the beginning, and now welcome to hell week.

It started with a little fever.  I say little, your mother, who is right on this, says it was not little.  This came on a night we were supposed to have a date night.  Plans cancelled.  Suddenly, you were in pain, we could see that.  Fingers in mouth, we thought you had strep, I would not take you to the doctor to save money, being the penny pincher that I am.  Drool.  Everywhere! I remember thinking that there was no way you could be teething, AGAIN!

Where do I turn? To the internet, because it has the answer to everything.  I learn there are these wonderful things called 2 year molars.  I say wonderful, but you, your mother, day care teachers, and myself now know, THEY SUCK!  I have never seen you so much pain. This is one of those times where I can not help you.  Well I can, to a point, with Tylenol  That is all I can do.

Maybe, your father is to emotional on the inside, but seeing how you are hurting makes me hurt.  I don’t show it but it does.  One thing that I know, is that you, your mother and myself just need to push through.  This time will pass.  There will be a time when you lose your first tooth.  When you fall off your bike and scrap your arm.  I will look back at this time and then and only then will I realize just how easy I had it.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. yeah, we keep our kids in the crib as long as possible. Up to age 3 if we can, just to avoid that “getting up and out” that happens. As for the 2 year molars, that can REALLY SUCK, and depending on the kid, can last a week to over a month.

    Nothing to make you feel helpless like a sick kid, especially a young one. Sorry you’re going through it. Hope it smooths out soon for you.

  2. Been there! You do the best you can! You’re right. This is a season that will pass. Hang in there!

  3. Sorry he’s been sick! The crib thing is impossible! This is what worked for us. We took her out of a crib, she came out a million times, so we got a crib tent…best thing we ever did. After she got too big, we took her out and my husband told her if she stayed in bed all night (she was coming in up to 7 times a night and would not sleep in bed with us, she just wanted to go back to bed) she could have M&Ms for breakfast…wouldn’t you know- she slept in her room all night long and didn’t come in for several weeks! She gets 5 M&Ms every morning if she stays in her room!

  4. Sounds like it could be hand, foot and mouth disease to me….are you sure it’s molars? That’s not the technical term for it but boy, does it cause drool. Very common in daycares.

    • We are almost certain it is molars. He is no longer in pain and we were seeing the molars come in the back of his mouth. Now the coughing begins though and we have a doctors appointment to check it out today.

  5. I could say it rarely lasts over a week. Then 3 weeks into it you’d be all freaked out because it didn’t stop. The more kids I have the more I realize being up front with what is in store is so much better in the long run that trying to put a positive spin on it. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. This isn’t meant to be as dour as it sounds though.

    • I know I was just giving you a hard time. I’m a eternal optimist. We can have a nights and nights of bad sleepless nights and I will always think that maybe the next night will be better. 9 times out of 10 its not.

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