I Guess I’m Not That Old

Lately son, I have felt like an old fart.  Let’s be honest here, to you, I probably am.  With a birthday this past week it is just making me feel older.  A feeling I do not want to have.

As a teenager, there were many nights I would stay up late and sleep on the floor.  Wake up the next morning and not feel a thing.

However, with my “old” feeling something told me that I would feel this the night I slept on your floor.  Why was I sleeping on your floor? Well you were sick and needed the comfort of either mother or father.  It ended up being me, your mother was sick as well.

I stayed up till midnight to check on your fever.  It was not down so I gave you some medicine to help.  The funny thing is, you can’t give medicine to someone who sleeps on their tummy as you do.  Not only that, but you sleep on your tummy with your butt up in the air.   A word of advice, attempting to turn a sleeping toddler over to their backs while they are sleeping is never a good idea.  Just something to remember when you have children.

As I turned you over I gave you the medicine.  I could have sworn you went back to sleep so I went back out to the living room to finish my chapter in the book that I was reading.  Next thing I know, I see you walking to me from your room.  Being the loving and caring dad that I am, I picked you up and started to rock you back to sleep.  You were so heavy and exhausted, I pretty much couldn’t move.

After a while, I work up the courage to put you back into your bed.  I make it there and successfully get you in bed and back to sleep.  I crawl into my bed and the drool doesn’t even get a chance to hit my pillow when I hear you wake up again.  I walk over to your room taking a blanket with me and a pillow.  The moment I walk in you are all better and lay down quietly.

Now, you were not asleep so I laid down on your floor thinking I might get some sleep this way too.  I was right! Not sure why but it wasn’t half bad sleep either.

You wake up again around 5am and crawl out of bed and next to me sleeping on the floor.   I was very thankful that you were not a wiggle worm so that I could sleep.

8AM hits and your mother walks in the room (she slept 11 hours and feels very refreshed and better) and sees me sleeping on the floor with you next to me.  I can only imagine the sweet image that she saw in her head as she walked in on the two of us sleeping.  The closer she walks to us, you wake up and start immediately asking for breakfast.  I wake up as well, expecting pain but that was not the case.  I felt refreshed! In fact I felt so good that I thought that I could take on the day without coffee, I did not though, I maybe stupid but I’m not that stupid.

Sleeping on the floor brought be back to my youth.  It was just what I needed to get out of this slump of feeling older.  Son, I have you to thank for letting me feel young again.   So I thank you.  I just hope you don’t feel like you are losing out on your youth with your birthday tomorrow!


About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. refreshed? damn… never feel that way after a night with sick kids, even when I sleep in my own bed and not on the floor.

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