Son, little do you know, because you can’t comprehend this yet, but your second birthday will be puppet themed.  I’m not breaking any news to you because, well, we have talked openly about it in front of you.  In fact, I would not be shocked if you don’t already know what your birthday and Christmas presents will be, since we have talked about what we will be getting you right to your face.

The reason I bring up the theme of your birthday party is because over the last couple of days you have treated me like a puppet.  I really do not mind since it makes you laugh.

One night in particular  we had Pandora playing on the TV.   It was a classical music station that your mother left on the TV, personally, I would never, EVER, leave it on one a station like that.   The Nutcracker Suite came on.   This is not the nutcracker suite that you tend to play with your baseball bat when you play with your dad, as you have now learned to swing a baseball bat like, well, a baseball bat.  It makes me proud to say that, however my vocal cords hit the high C.

When the Nutcracker Suite came on naturally, like any full-blooded male would do, I started doing do dance ballet.  I will not say I was doing it well, I was probably doing very very horribly, which makes me happy that your mother was not there.  If she was, she would have shot video on her iPhone, uploaded it to YouTube, and I would be an internet sensation bigger than Rebecca Black.

My stamina must not be what it used to be when I was 27, because after about a minute of spinning around, I was tired.  So I stopped, breathing heavy, hunched over, catching some air.  Than just like any two-year old, you said a word that I never heard you say…


Wait, let me get this straight, you are telling me to dance?

Dance I did.  Until 30 seconds later I was tired yet again. Once more I tried to catch more air as I was hunched over.  While I was recovering from the two times of spinning and dancing I heard AGAIN…


At this point, I looked at you, laughed, and asked a question I knew you couldn’t answer…

What are you my puppet master?

What I didn’t realize was that by asking that question, the answer was given to me two years ago at your birth.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. The last time I really danced. I mean really really danced, there was Jaeger Meister involved and a trip to the emergency room because I blew out both of my knees.

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