There will be moments son when you are a parent that get away from you.   Moments when your child is under your watch.  Moments where you will hear words coming from your wife that will resonate in your head for weeks. Your father maybe the best father in the world, but I also have those moments.  One of those moments is a great sense of pride in my eyes but could have ended very differently.

Your mother was making cookies for Boss’s Day at my job.  Come to think about it those cookies really should have been hers.  During which time I was watching you.  I was, I will not deny that.

We were playing in your room and you were playing so well that I thought I would sneak away and check email, Twitter, and Facebook.  I walk into the office and I didn’t see you follow me out of your room.

I sit down and start to look at Facebook when suddenly I hear a crash.  Your mother looks up from her Law books to see you turning the corner around the couch with a screwdriver in hand.  This is when I heard her say,

Why does our son have a screwdriver?

I’ll explain why it was there in a second.  I reach over and yank it from you and you go ahead with a two-year old tantrum.  It was one of those moments that as a father someday you will realize that just happens when children are under a mans watch.  It isn’t that we are being neglectful it is just that we do not pay attention to details.  We think that we can turn our back and you are OK but in reality you see the moment to turn into an evil monster.  It is one of those things that is inevitable being a father, your children are at more risk of danger when they are with you.  They’ve done studies you know.

Now onto why that screwdriver was on the top shelf of the bookshelf.

Earlier that day I was in the mood to be Tim Taylor.  I’ll explain who that is to you when you start using real power tools.  There were a few items around the house that needed to be fixed.  One of which was your bed.  I was hoping to stop the squeaking of it when you rolled around in bed.   Which I ended up fixing without a screwdriver ironically.  When I had completed that project, I placed the screwdriver on top of the bookshelf outside your room.  That is why it was there.

Your mother always tells me that I need to pay more attention to details.  I think this was one of those situations where she is right.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Ah, the details. The little things. 🙂 That’s a regular problem around here and I just don’t seem to catch on.

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