Pictures (Part 2)

When I started to unstrap you from your car seat, I noticed that your jeans had grass stains on them.  Before you ask, yes your mother does your laundry, enjoy it while it lasts son.  There will be a day when you go to college and will need regret not learning how to do it.

By a stroke of luck, we had brought two extra pairs of jeans.  We have been through this before so we are prepared.  We throw another pair on you and check-in for our appointment   We sit down and your mother notices that your new jeans are short.  These were worse than high water short.   I was content with them because I knew that you would not be in for another change but at the same time I wanted the pictures to look good.  You were enjoying playing with the LEGO table that they had set out for people like you.  These people were professionals they know that toddlers run the show here so they make sure to keep you happy.

Your mother rushes out to the car to pick up the last pair of jeans.   As with anything the moment you leave you get called, our name was called.  I have to pull you from the LEGO table which proves to be more trouble.  You were having so much fun building the next Great Wall and did not want to be disturbed.  I yank you from the table and walk us back. As the photographer was setting up the studio we are changing out the jeans.  You are in a full-out cry at this point because someone tore down your Great Wall and had started to build the next Sears Tower.

We set you down in front of the background, crying, still.  The poor photographer doing everything that she can to make you smile.  You just were not having it.  Some how, I do not know how, she pulled of this great picture…

Again you look happy, you really aren’t.  You were more upset than I have seen you in a while.   We have to keep on trucking though.  We are paying big bucks to have this pictures taken and you were making the photographer earn it.  We move on to the infamous number block that has become synonymous with birthday pictures.  She must have snapped the shutter at the right moment because she was able to grab this beauty…

The shear effort she had to put into that picture certainly made her tired at this moment…

And then even more clear that she was tired in this one…

Which somehow turned into this…

You must have had an attitude change because after that things turned out great…

Oh, sorry I guess not.  It might have been a pain getting you to smile in all the pictures, but you know what, every penny is worth it.  You only turn two once and times will change.  We maybe working our way through the terrible two’s and even with your throwing yourself down  on the ground tantrums we love you.  That will never change.  We only hope that someday, your children, will put you through as much struggle as you put us through for your pictures.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. OMG. Those are adorable. LOL

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