Pictures (Part 1)

Son, you are nearly two years old. One thing I am sure that you have noticed is that I enjoy taking pictures. I would consider myself an alright photographer but there are times where going to a true professional is needed.

If we did not go to the professionals we would not have ended up with a picture like this…

What you see here is a nice family. A loving father, mother, and wonderful son. What you don’t see is what leads up to this great picture.

It all started when your mother and I were chatting on Facebook (which by now has been replaced by MySpace or some other future social media site). We were talking about your upcoming birthday. I was telling her all the trains I wanted to get, not for me, for you, really, I am serious, I did not want to play with them at all. The conversation transitioned to getting your pictures taken. We needed a new family picture badly. I made an appointment for the morning thinking that would be the best time so you were not to fussy.

The night before the pictures you did not go to sleep as normal. As usual I would stay in your room until you went to sleep but this night you didn’t go to sleep. It was an hour-long process if not more. We were OK with that thinking that you would sleep through the night being as tired as you were.

2:30 am, you wake up. I was unable to put you back to sleep and the process took another hour to get back to sleep. Not only that but you ended up in bed with us for yet another night.

It was at this point when we knew that we were in for a long day!

When the next morning arrived you were hogging the bed. This has become pretty typical when you sleep with us. Normal people sleep length wise. For some odd reason you sleep width ways on the bed. I am beginning to wonder if your friends at daycare are telling you this and you all are conspiring against your parents to keep them from sleeping. Anyway, different story different time.

The morning of the pictures was not an ordeal worth telling. It was the smoothest part of the day. We already knew what you were going to wear and we were out the door at the right time.

Once we opened the door at the studio, disaster struck.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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