You and Your Jayhawk (Part 3)

Son, I have told you how you have made your daddy proud by choosing a Jayhawk to sleep with. It started with one trip to a toddler bed and 24 hours later to you not wanting to sleep at all.

We did not realize that you were sick when we started the toddler bed process again and failed to realize it for a week. It ended up in your mother missing classes because you got her sick and then you even had me out of work for a day with whatever bug you had.  It was something that all three of us had to muscle through though.

Once we knew that you were feeling better we had already started a routine of reading you to sleep. We kept that routine because we knew that it was working at the time. The  downside however, it would take an hour for you to fall asleep.

We were really not sure what caused this problem. You would even wake up in the middle of the night and walk to our room and climb in bed with us, that is a different story though.

It was almost two weeks of sleepless nights into this transition and we had enough reading you to sleep. Now, don’t go thinking that mommy and daddy didn’t love you at the time because we stopped coddling you. We never stopped loving you.  Sometimes as a parent it takes tough love and this was one of those moments. You will understand when you are a parent.  There are times you will tell your child to just suck it up and deal with it, that bone sticking out of your arm, it is nothing, now get back onto the baseball field and get me a win! Wow, I really would never make a good baseball coach would I? Maybe I should just turn in my resignation now before I even start.  Wait, I am getting away from the story.

We continued to read to you but would stop after about three or four books and put you into bed. This started a whole new slew of problems. You would scream and climb out of bed even more than before. We would stand outside your doorway to tell you that we were still here it worked for the first night… still took you an hour to fall asleep but it worked to keep you crying but calm knowing that we were there.

The second night of this however you wouldn’t be calm. Finally after an hour of you screaming your mother walked in and thought maybe some stuffed animals would help.

After looking around at all of your new-found friends… you spotted the mascot from your mothers alma mater and my favorite college athletic team. You immediately said:

Hey Hawk

I am still working on the pronunciation with you. It’s JAYHAWK!  You better learn it before basketball season starts! I am expecting to hear you say it with me during the games.

However, you couldn’t resist holding the Jayhawk.  What it is about this bird, only you can tell us.  But you loved it!

And that son, is how you spent the night with a Jayhawk.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Rock Chalk! This is awesome!

  2. These posts are, in addition to enjoyable for us to read, going to be absolutely priceless records for your son when he gets older. What an awesome gift you’re giving him!

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