I Feel Itchy

I am going to take a break from telling you about how you ended up sleeping with your Jayhawk.  Today there seems to be a more appropriate story to tell you son.

The meaning of Columbus Day to your mother and me.

Your mom and myself had just started dating.  In fact, it was our second date in two days.  Your mother could not get enough of me from our first date that she called me the next day and wanted to go have dinner and movie.  When I start teaching you about dating I will teach you about the three-day rule, it is a fictitious rule saying that men must wait three days after a date to call a girl.  In my youth, I believed this rule.   Your mother on the other hand wanted to see me so badly that she couldn’t wait.  Well little did she know that neither could I.   Of course I agreed.

We went to dinner and started off where we left the day before.   Talking like we knew each other for years.  Your mother was a teacher at the time and it was coming up on Columbus Day.  We got to talking about what she was going to be teaching her kids and that we both felt it was odd that we celebrate a man who came to a new country and almost killed off an entire race by exposing them to diseases.

I can not remember our exact conversation from this point.  All I remember is her saying

I feel itchy

In reference to the native Americans from that point on had diseases that would kill them off.  We both laughed and I also believe it was that point that I knew your mother would someday be your mother.

I did not finish my meal because our conversation was just that good, plus we had a movie to make, and I was going to make a move to hold her hand.  You will understand the nervousness about making that first move, maybe someday I can tell you about our first kiss.  That is a story that will leave you laughing.   But I’m off track.  I had a to-go box and your mother took a pen and drew an Indian saying “I feel itchy”

I won’t bore you with the details of the movie, I don’t remember what it was, and no I didn’t make the move to hold her hand, that happened in a couple more days, in fact it happened the night I first kissed her, again more later.

That box that your mother wrote on sat in my apartment refrigerator until I moved out and in with your mom nearly 4 months later.   That is how much that box meant to me.   It was a moment that I knew your mother was special and that I wanted to be with her.

To this day, when Columbus Day comes, this is the story that I remember, and the quote “I Feel Itchy” is said about a few dozen times.  If it were not for Columbus Day, your mother may not have been your mother.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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