The Sleep Routine

This post was originally posted on Dads Round Table on 9/22/2012

In our family we always had (note had not have) a bedtime routine.  We would always side against the Kid’s crib and read a book to him let him finish off a sippy cup, or in his words a Baa-Baa, and then lay him down to sleep.  One fateful night this past week, everything changed.

We went through the normal routine and after an appropriate number of books we started to lay the Kid down to sleep.  As soon as he was covered up and Hot Mama and I were walking out the door he stood up in his crib and cried.  What he was crying about we had no idea.  We decided to let him cry it out.  Honestly, it sounded like someone was dying, he would not lay down at all to go sleep. After 30 minutes and fearing that the neighbors would call the police or SRS on us we went in to get him.  Brought him out to the living room and rocked him to sleep.

This went on for a couple of days.  He would not put himself to sleep, granted he was sick during a couple of days of this.  We were giving him a reprieve knowing that.  A week of dealing with this sent Hot Mama and myself searching for what the possible reason behind this sudden change.   Maybe he is suddenly afraid of the dark (we did have his old nightlight go out and never did replace it), maybe he was afraid of missing out on what mommy and daddy were doing, maybe he wanted to be a big boy and sleep in a bed rather than a crib just like at daycare.

Figuring the later was probably the case, we changed his bed out to a toddler bed.  Which in the beginning he loved, but would not go to sleep in.  The moment Hot Mama or I left the room, he would scream.  With one of us sitting in the room just talking to him he would fall asleep.  At this time we did not have any books that would be good to read to him as he drifted off into his slumber.  Parents will do anything in a pinch and so only a day into this transition we went out and got him a book of fairy tales that we would read to him as he went to sleep.

As we were out, we went into a death trap, a toy store.  Just getting ideas for Christmas we ran across the exact nightlight that we had before and again in a pinch, bought it, knowing that he would like it and it might just help the situation. The things parents do for their children.

As night fell, we walked into his room and we turned on his new nightlight, he loved it.  Then, we laid him down in his new big boy bed.  Sitting next to him we opened up the new book of fairy tales and within 10 minutes of reading he was out.  We were able to make an escape without a fuss walked out in the living room and popped open a bottle of champagne in celebration of regaining our evening.

Let us just hope that this routine will continue.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. congrats! Great feeling huh!? They make stuffed animals that are nightlights that project stars on the ceiling too. My daughter has a turtle one. It turns off after 30 minutes.

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