Bolf (that is no typo)

In our family we like to spend a lot of time outside.  That means a lot of time spending playing a game on the front yard (which looks like the Sahara desert right now).  New games are created when you have a two-year old that allow them to be able to play. On our lawn it is, Bolf!

The rules are simple. It is played with a baseball bat and a ball. It does not really matter what type of ball you play with really a basketball, softball, baseball, even a golf ball if you want to add to the difficulty of the game.

There is a pitcher who rolls the ball on the ground to the hitter who then can wait for the ball to stop and then hit it.  Once he hits the ball it is like baseball, three bases with home base and crossing means you score. Each side getting three outs and nine innings or holes whatever you choose to call it.

Now this is where it gets tricky, just like in golf lowest score wins.  The beauty of scoring this way the parents can hit the ball as hard as they want and score but the children who are not able to hit is as hard and run as fast will always win!

See how the game is played by a true Bolf player.

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  1. be careful, sometimes you can get a bolf club to the groin. It’s happened here.

  2. It’s always fun getting our children involved in games. My son invented a game recently that I had nothing to do with (he named it too) He has a giant plastic dinosaur that is over 2 feet tall and he sets in the middle of the living room floor. He then take a plastic golf club (the outdoor set we use) and proceeds to hit the dinosaur to “try” and knock him over. His goal is to knock him over in one hit. He named the game, “Wack the Dinosaur” I have a feeling i might now know the true reason dinosaurs are extinct….somehow I think toddlers were involved!

    Aaron 🙂

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