Adventures at Church

As a parent, there are a few times you can expect your child to act up; when eating in public, in the company of their grandparents (at which point you then hand your child off to them), and in church.  With the ability to hit up man up above more often now and become closer to God and stuff (that is another story for another day) I have realized that the Kid is no different from any other kid at church.  I am no different from any other frustrated frazzled parent who wants to make it through the service without having to break out in a bag of Cheerios to get your child to shut up.  However, the stories of things the Kid does flow faster than the scripture itself.

This happening, while not as bad as hearing the words Pee-Pee uttered from my Kids mouth during a sermon, is reminiscent of post almost a month ago. But, I realized that he is not the one acting like the dog, I am treating him like a dog!

Normally, Hot Mama and I head straight to the cry room when we walk into church.  This day was no different.  We had bought the Kid some new hot wheels cars that he will not put down, even to sleep.  He holds them with a death grip.  He is running them up and down the table, looks back at us, and makes a break for it.

He starts to circle the tables in the cry room.  Laughing, as if almost to say, “Bet you can not catch me!”  He makes a turn down the home stretch.  I can see that he will not slow down and hold out my arm hoping to block him or maybe clothes line him on the way by.  Not knowing what to expect he hits my arm stops and gives me just enough time to reach over with my other arm to stop him.

I pick him up and sit him down in a chair.


I look over at Hot Mama and say that I am so glad we treat our son like a dog.  I then look over at him and say,

HEEL! Ok now go fetch!

It is certainly that this was in the cry room because I do not think the Archbishop who was in town to visit would have liked me interrupting his sermon.

I am starting to see the similarities in children and dogs.  They will eat anything off the floor, like to drop a doose anywhere they want, and will not listen to commands.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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