Pee-Pee (Part 1)


I woke up Sunday morning and heard Hot Mama and the Kid playing out in the living room.  I made my way out looking like a zombie, since someone (me), did not set the coffee maker to do the novel concept of actually making coffee at the unruly hour of 6am.   I plopped down on my easy chair and hear a whisper

“Go ask Daddy if we should go to church this morning!”

The Kid ran up,

“Yaba Daba Do”

In my head I was yelling things that I should not be saying to my son in my non-coffee state.  I was unable to control what came out my mouth though.


Now do not get me wrong, I am a religious man and I am very proud of the fact that my son is going to a Catholic Day-Care and will be able to say a Rosary by the age of 2 and half.  My thought though, if there really is a God, he would not have put church in the morning on the weekend.  Oh who am I kidding, we have the option to go at 5pm on Saturday nights and do not do that.

Making a run for it to go back into the new daycare (© The Rookie Dad)

As my zombie like state continued, I took the Kid to get dressed and ready for church.  He started to kick and scream for his “Choo Choo’s” again I am unable to control my motions because my life blood has not entered my system yet I pick up his Thomas the Tank Engine and friend Percy for him to play with while I am getting him ready.   I surprised myself that I was even able to find a matching outfit for him.

I hopped in the shower and get ready for the day which took me all of 10 minutes but took Hot Mama 45 minutes, however that is a topic for my anonymous blog.  While she was primping and pruning, I was preparing the diaper bag.  Food, books, toys, sippy cup and Thomas were all accounted for.  I will note that there is still no coffee in my system.

I put everything in car during at which time, Hot Mama adds the final touches of mascara and walked out the door.  We all climbed into our car and headed out.

Hot Mama made an executive decision a while back that when we go to church we head straight for the cry room so that the Kid does not have to sit still the whole time.  But with no coffee in my system I spit out,

“Why don’t we try and sit in the sanctuary and give it a shot, he will have to learn when he goes to mass at day-care right?”

The wheels started turning in Hot Mama’s head who agrees that this is probably a good decision.

We walked into the sanctuary and find our seat close the back as all Catholics do.  Just as we had kneeled to pray the priest started mass.  I picked up the Kid and held him as the choir sang.  He was mesmerized!  This was going to go swimmingly!

The first, second, and gospel readings go without a hitch as he was too enthralled with his new Choo Choo book.  The congregation sat for the sermon, disaster loomed!

Be sure to see what the disaster is tomorrow as “Pee-Pee” continues.


About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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