Daddy Why Did You Let Me Do That?

Occasionally in parenting there are moments of great joy when your child says his first word or starts walking, sadness when he is sick or hurt, and funny moments that you can only laugh at and remember for the rest of your life.  Every once in awhile there is a time when two of these feelings collide for a moment either so funny or sad that you wonder how it happened.

I was lying on the floor covering my head with a blanket and crawling out from under it with a different face every time the Kid sees me.  As time goes on the Kid starts to pull the blanket off me, laughing harder than all get out.

I get a grand idea! I throw the blanket over the Kid and then pull it off of him.  Giggles and laughs filled the living room as Hot Mama was making dinner.  Nothing new in our house really.

Uh Oh! Where is the Kid? (© The Rookie Dad)

Then an even better idea came into my head.  I threw the blanket on the Kid, covering his head.  I walked up behind him and said,  “Go walk to mommy.” (okay, I can hear you already saying that this is a bad idea…that voice has never entered my head, EVER!)

The Kid rounds the corner into the kitchen just fine, as if he’s already memorized the layout of the house in his two short years of life.  Hot Mama ended up doing the shuffle step to get around him as she was making dinner.  The Kid continues to walk, unable to see where he is going, down our galley-style kitchen.  What happened next occurred as if in slow motion.

I glance in front of the Kid and see a door frame.  Quickly calculating the distance from the Kid to the door frame with the angel of his walking pattern,  I realized that something is wrong here. He won’t make it through the door frame and he doesn’t know it! I thought about pulling out my camera so I could get video of this event (seems to be the going trend in parenthood these days), but realized I didn’t have tie.  I slowly get up out of my crouched position and say…


BAM! Right into the door frame and the Kid falls backwards.

I hear laughter coming from the kitchen. I look at Hot Mama; she isn’t laughing.  It is not a high-pitched, ear-rattling squeal so I know it isn’t the Kid.  I look around and realize that I am the one laughing!

I thought to myself, “I really should not be laughing.  My son just hurt himself and I should be showing him some sympathy.”   I start walking to the Kid, still giggling as I walk.  I look down at the Kid as he pulls the blanket from over his head, looks at the door frame, then at me and says,



Daddy, how could you let this happen me? (© The Rookie Dad)

I realized that this was one of those moments that is I will feel guilty that I caused a bruise on my son’s forehead. But it is also a moment that will forever be etched into my family and the door frame.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Some memories last in our minds… some on our minds…

  2. my kids walk with blankets over their heads all the time. I feel they deserve the conk on the head they get…Didn’t you know that head bruises lead to a production of brain cells? 🙂

  3. I am to blame for some bruises and scrapes my kids get too, it always seems like a fun game to start with and then feel guilty for days after when they are sporting bruises.They also never sense danger so unless your whippet its hard to stop them falling.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Oh, RookieDad, I think you’re doing fine! This was sweet – because I SO relate!!

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