Daddy Won’t Listen

Let’s go to Sonic! It is after eight you know!

For those who do not know Sonic has half priced shakes after 8pm.

Is a phrase that is uttered in our household quite a bit. It is typically a way for Hot Mama to have a moment of escape. We let the Kid run free at home for the twenty minutes it takes us to run to Sonic. Ok maybe not but there are times that I wish we did.

The other night was no exception to our Sonic trip. Hot Mama needed a coke after the Kid decided that turning hers upside down earlier in the day was a brilliant idea and she was unable to enjoy her sweet nectar from the gods. On the other hand, I am a big fan of their shakes, caramel banana, if you have not tried it yet try it! Typically when this happens we get the Kid either shake or a slush so we do not have to hear him yelling “PWEEESE” from the back seat.

© The Rookie Dad

The Kid had already had a grape slush so there was no need to get him anything and the order for a large caramel banana shake and a large coke was placed. Our beautiful drinks were then handed to us and before I could even place my straw into my shake there is a voice coming from the passenger seat. It was the voice of a female, that is about all I remember. I later learn what was said,

Kid we are going to wait until we get home to have our drinks!”

I obviously did not hear this and continue to slide my straw into wonderful drink. It was coming up out of the lid so I had to take a sip, sweet caramel banana goodness, all is forgotten in the world and I am a trance.

Slap on the arm!

I look over and hear Hot Mama telling me that she said we are going to wait until we get home.

Why? My drink was over flowing. I had to drink some of it!”

Did you not hear me?

What was I supposed to hear because I didn’t hear anything.”

I said we are going to wait until we get home to have our drinks so that we can share with the Kid!

At this point I looked over and saw that Hot Mama had not even opened her straw. From the back seat all I hear is…


Oh god what have I started! The Kid wants my drink and I did not listen to my wife. This was a night that I was not going to win.

When we arrived home I let the Kid and Hot Mama out before pulling into the garage. They walk out and ahead of me. I think now is my shot! I pick up my shake look at it with loving eyes and take a sip. I look up and the Kid is looking at me with puppy dog eyes wanting it. Hot Mama is looking at me like I just committed a crime. I look around, damn there is no one to blame for this one but myself. I shrug my shoulders and say “sorry” as they make their way into the house.

As I walk into the house I hear,

Here you go! Mommy will give you a treat since daddy was so mean and doesn’t like to listen to mommy! He only hears what he wants!

I wonder if I am starting to develop a hearing problem? I also wonder if a doctor could write me a note that says I have one. Thanks Bill Engvall for giving me that idea.

Sonic was in no way a sponsor of this post. However if they would like to sponsor my blog… I would be more than happy to accept!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Your Loving Wife

    Lol, normally we would share with the Kid and start drinking/eating in the car. But since we (jointly) decided the Kid didn’t need that much sugar so close to bedtime, I thought it would be cruel to eat ice cream right in front of a little boy who was being a perfect angel. On the drive to Sonic, we even talked about giving the kid a treat at home (blueberries) instead. Poor Daddy was so distracted he didn’t hear me when I told the kid we were waiting until we got home. The Kid looked exactly like a 22 month old should look when his father eats ice cream right in front if him and won’t share. I wish I’d had a camera!

  2. I love the other side of the story given by “Your Loving Wife” in the comments.

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