NBC Gave Me the Finger

Ever have one of those nights when you are sitting in front of the computer and do not know how to put what you want to write about to words? It is even more difficult when you have two great blogs going and just still are not comfortable posting them. Looking at them, the one about the Olympics is more pressing… even though I have blogged about the Olympics for almost a week now.

What I do not understand is why I am unable to watch them. For those of you who follow my twitter feed you see my frustration during the week. I missed a multitude of exciting events from basketball games to soccer/football games and I bet there was a great water polo game in there somewhere. NBC has told me that I am unable to watch them because I do not have a cable subscription that includes MSNBC and CNBC. Well I do not have a cable subscription at all and for the first time since making the decision to no longer have cable, I feel left out. That is why I am frustrated. These are the Olympic games, the worlds games! Why am I unable to stream it?

NBC totally missed the mark on this. There is a whole movement out there of people who are cutting the cord and going to a streaming only household. What NBC probably has forgotten (but according to ratings have not) is that many of us still tune in to their over-the-air signal, because we are just that interested in the games. NBC claims that they do not broadcast events live on their main channel because it hurts the prime-time ratings. Well to be honest many of the people who want to stream the events, whether they have cable or not, stream events that NBC neglects to show on their main channel. Those of us who are streaming the events are watching the events that NBC does not show during Prime-Time but then will still tune in and watch their horribly edited prime-time coverage.

Here is my solution to this dilemma, NBC could charge for non-cable subscribers say a fee of $29.95 for unlimited streaming of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Many of us who have gone to a streaming-only household know that there will be times that we have to pay to watch things that are normally on cable, lets call it an occasional convenience fee. CBS did that during NCAA March Madness. One could pay $5, whether you have cable or not, to watch all the games during the tournament. I gladly paid that fee as I am sure so did everyone who is into the tournament. ESPN has WatchESPN which allows anyone with internet/cable service through certain providers to watch the games that they produce. NBC counters the fee idea with saying that ad revenue would be drastically down if they went this route. So again charge the fee and still put on ads. You still making the money either way. In fact, you are probably making even more money because you are getting people to pay for the service even if it is only a few hundred thousand and charging for the ads.

I do not like being stiffed, and now I feel like NBC has given me the finger to watching any of the Olympic events. Am I boycotting NBC because of it, no because I am just that type of sports enthusiast who wants to watch a great competition, but let’s make it fair for all viewers.

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  1. This totally makes sense to me. I’m in the exact same situation. I don’t have cable, but would gladly pay to watch streaming online, yet I’m confined to the dreadful broadcast coverage.

    • Could I find a way around the man and still stream the Olympics, yes I could. But the principle is still there. Cable giant Comcast now owns NBC is now discouraging people from cutting the cord.

      • Yep, I agree. We ended up renting a UK proxy and watching everything streaming on BBC, but I would have gladly paid for NBC Olympics only access.

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