Bad Time to be Sick

When the kid is sick… you know the parent will eventually get sick! (¬© The Rookie Dad)

I love being a parent and would not take it back. In fact I had to turn my head so that Hot Mama could not see me with tears in my eyes as we watched as a baby was being born on one of our favorite TV shows last night. I do not know if I was reacting the way that I was because I miss that feeling of holding a child in my arms for the first time or if I knew exactly what they were going through. Nine months of preparation and suddenly within 12 hours your whole life changes.

There is one thing that has changed that I was not ready for. Getting sick, I am not talking about the Kid getting sick. I was prepared for that, what I was not prepared for though was that I would get sick. I guess the Boy Scouts did not teach me well, maybe that is why I was never an Eagle Scout. I was one that I had the strongest immune system around, I would never get sick. I have noticed now that I am getting the sniffles and coughs more so than earlier.

There would be no problem with this with the exception that this comes on the eve of a 3 generation trip to the MLB All-Star Fan Fest with Grandpa, the Kid, and myself. I can only hope that I am feeling good because I know that the Kid will see me make a fool of myself trying to re-enact the dramatic 3rd inning grand slam home run in 2002 that led my High School Junior Varsity baseball team to victory… which I will make sure there is no video of me trying to do that.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. This happen to me not that long ago. I also wrote about it on my blog. Hope you feel better causing trying to keep up with a child while being sick is tough.

  2. Amy Billinger

    Enjoy the game. Even if you are sick, don’t forget how cool it is that you are there, but I pray that you won’t be sick.

  3. Wait till he gets to school. You’ll be sick every week. Better stock up on Vitamin C now. I hope you can make to the game.

  4. Young kids are notorious for germs. I was sick about ten times in my oldest daughter’s first year.

  5. Summer sickness should be outlawed.

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