The Gears Are Turning

“Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.” — Marshall McLuhan

During one of the moments when I started to reflect on parenting, the Kid came crawling onto my lap, perhaps by seeing the rusty gears trying to turn in my head. He has not seen these things spinning very often so he jumped at the chance to see what was going on inside my mind. Thoughts of Plato and Aristotle were trying to creep into my head, when I felt something warm on my lap. It could not have been me, I am not of that age yet where a leaky prostate should be an issue, or am I? I look down and realize that I had been peed on… well OK not really, the Kid’s diaper leaked onto me.

The initial reaction to this was shock and awe, how could the Kid use a diaper of mass destruction on me? We sat down one day and wrote up a peace treaty only weeks before. Being the “adult” (used very loosely) in this relationship, I figured I needed to change the Kid. As I pick up the kid and hold him a safe distance away from me, the gears in my head start turning rapidly, I’m sure someone could tell my head was about to explode as it has not been worked this hard in a while. My thought, why is not more acceptable for adults to wear diapers?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be sitting in an office during a meeting and not have to excuse yourself? That is embarrassing right? As you are walking to the restroom you know the people back in the meeting are probably talking about you and that you are going to drop the Browns off to the Super Bowl. Not to mention, when you get in there, then get all nice and settled, letting it all out, someone will walk in and either pass out or run out screaming “My eyes are burning! My eyes are burning!”

As the diaper is being changed, it hit me again, this is why, diaper rash! I do not think that as adults we could deal with diaper rash the way that babies and toddlers do. I know that Hot Mama loves me and would do anything for me, except put cream on my bum. It sure would be nice though to not have to worry about, looking like a fool when I need to rush to the toilet however. Now if I can, I need to be excused there is some important business to attend to.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. that and the smell…kids are allowed to stink. Adults- not so much.

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