Failure to be a Man

Taking a look back at this past week and looking at the many failures I committed (if that is the right word) there is one that came to me yesterday after having a conversation with a Twitter friend whom I have never met and is going through something very similar.

I have failed being a Man.

Not the type of man who loves watching sports, drinking beer, burping, and farting on the couch. But being a Man who is a positive example to my son and a good husband to Hot Mama. After coming home from work, I would just plop down in my recliner and just watch TV. I would not say a word, I would not play with my son, I would not look at my son, and I would not look at Hot Mama. That is not the type of Man that I want to be.

I think there is a moment in every man’s life where something clicks, the light turns on, and you realize how important your family is to you. For me that moment was this last night. How could I do this to my family, come home from work and not care about their feelings? I have been so wrapped up in my new 9-5 corporate job that was supposed to be better off for my family that it almost tore it apart. Last night as we sat on the step watching the Kid play basketball, the light turned on and it was not our porch lights as the sun faded in the distance. It was the light in my head, I saw all that was passing me by, all that I have missed. It was not me who was teaching the Kid how to throw a baseball but my wife, she should not have to do that, it should be me teaching him that. It should be me out there running around in the sprinkler with our clothes on, rolling around in the dirt, and finding bugs in the grass.

I know that things will not be fixed overnight and that I am going to have to work on coming home to play with my son and talk to Hot Mama. It should be something that I do not have to work on, the type of thing that I should have never put my self in the situation in the first place. This should not be difficult, it should be easy.

Here is to being a new Man and saying goodbye to the old one.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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