Time vs. Blog

Lately, I feel like there is just not enough time. It is not a result of the Kid though. Many parents of an 18 month old would blame it on them but I can not do that to him now. I can only put the blame on myself. Now that I am working 9-5 when I get home I just want to either A.) fall into my recliner and watch some sports or B.) play with my son. The last thing on my mind is my blog.

I have a book that I am supposed to be reviewing for this blog that I have not even gotten around to yet. The incentive is there for me to continue blogging. I am even involved with a great group of guys getting another blog started that you would think would give me the motivation to continue the up-keep of this blog. It hasn’t though.

I do not know if I have reached a period where the stories that I would be telling need the pictures or video to go along with it or I have peaked in in my storytelling. Which would mean that I need to get back into the habit of reading more to help stimulate the brain into telling the stories.

With my new job, I do sit at a computer more often during the day. Maybe that is part of the reason that I do not want to sit at a computer in the evening and blog. I will not lie, I have contemplated ending this blog only because how much time it is taking. I will not do that however because this has propelled me into being a dad that I could only dream of. I do not want to cut back on the amount of blogging that I do, which lately has not been a lot. I have already done that recently and do not want to change that.

It is all about balance, and now that I have changed careers my routine is messed up and I just have to find a new one that will work for me.

I apologize to my readers who have wondered where I am, because I know all of you have been deeply concerned.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. You’ve got your priorities straight and when you have time you’ll share. When you do, it will show up in my Reader and I’ll be here.

    • I know many of my readers get it automatically. This is just something that I enjoy doing but have pushed it to the side in order to get things ready and settled at work and family.

  2. you’ll figure it out. You could write a bunch at once and schedule them too…once you find your balance, we’ll see you back here!

  3. John Pseudonymous

    The time will reveal itself eventually. I feel like I need to regroup every semester, when I have a new schedule and new responsibilities. But once I get the hang of it all and figure out how to manage my time in ways that work for me, I start to find gaps in schooling and stay-at-homing (particularly during naptime) when I can just go for it on the idea I’ve been kicking around all day. One thing I try to remember is that not every post needs to be brilliant. (I know they all turn out that way anyway–what can I say?) When I’m super-busy I try to find stories that can be told shortly and quickly–oftentimes a funny interaction between my wife and me, or a particularly profound moment with the Twins. You’ll be fine, man. We’re ready to read when you’re ready to post, and as parents we all understand sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  4. You’ll get your groove back. I usually make notes during the day while working and then bang out a post or two when the kids go to bed. You’ll find a routine that works for you soon.

  5. Be encouraged friend. I recently couldn’t pu a coherent string of thoughts together and asked for a guest post on Twitter. Luckily Jimmy came to my rescue and stirred my brain-juices once again. Keep your family first and blog when you can… We ALL understand.

  6. How dare you put us on hold! That’s pretty selfish of you to want to spend time with YOUR kid and YOUR wife. What about me?!

  7. Like the rest said (well, other than Daddy’s in Charge?) ;), no pressure. We’re here when you write and always enjoy it. 🙂 Balance will come with time, but you have your priorities right, so you’re doing okay.

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