American Dream

Many of my readers already know of my career change and the many changes that my family is already going through that come with that. Yesterday, I experienced something that I was totally unprepared for.

5 o’clock rolls around and it is time for me to head home from the new job. I call Hot Mama and tell her that I am on my way home and explain to her how my day went. It was a brief conversation knowing that we had all night to discuss the day. After hanging up I find my sports radio station and drive home, which makes the time fly.

I turn the corner onto our street. I Avoid hitting all the cars which are parked on the street because people refuse to use their driveways for what it is intended. I round the corner onto our driveway, hoping that I set an example of what a driveway is to be used, but instead I am greeted with Hot Mama opening the front door and the Kid running to me wanting a big hug. Never in my life have I felt more apart of a family as I have at this moment. This is what a normal family is, one that works normal hours, one that has weekends and holidays off.

It is all apart of the American Dream right?

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  1. I’m in between jobs right now so it’s good to follow your new endeavors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a pretty awesome feeling! Nothing makes my day more complete than to come home to a giant hug and smile from my kids.

  3. Now you need a dog and another one and a half kids and you guys will be the definition of nuclear family! And I’m really happy for you and your family. That’s a great feeling.

  4. So happy for you and your family. Let these good times continue!

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