Bark, Bark I Want That!

The new favorite snack in the household is graham crackers.  I can not help but think as I am giving him one of these that it is like giving him a dog biscuit.  Bringing it up on twitter the other day it was brought to my attention that raising a kid is a lot like raising a dog.

Take the graham crackers for instance.   The Kid loves eating them so we leave them sitting out on the counter.   There are many time he will pull us over to where they are on the counter and basically what can only be construed as a bark to get us to give him one.   So far,  he has not just opened his mouth and walked away with his prize but I am sure that time will come.

Changing the diapers can also feel a lot like taking care of a dog.  You have to clean up after your dog, well you are supposed to I know many people do not, and well with babies you have to clean up after them.   Do not forget about when they have to stop everything to do their business, just like a dog.

Then the “I want to go outside” when all you as a parent want to do is be lazy. I know they make leases for children but something tells me it would be very wrong to just attach the end of it on a stake and let the child run around in the backyard.

We would like to get a dog but it seems now that we already have one. (No that is not the Kid pictured above, that is a parent who thinks their child is really a dog, either that or can’t control their child in public)

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Yes, parenting a child is just like raising a dog, except by 6months the dog would respond to basic commands and knows to only poop/pee outside in a designated area 😀

    I was going to rig up a line that ran the length of our hallway and attach the jolly jumper to it so I’d have the baby equivalent of a dog run in the hallway. I figured she loved being in it anyway. LOL

  2. No wonder a dog is man’s best friend.

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