Play with Your Toys (Part 2)


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According to this picture, it may look as though the Kid is extremely spoiled by all of these toys. If you look extremely close you can see the cart that is the nightly home to the three weapons and projectiles that I posted last week. We still have not taken them away yet. When will we ever learn? I digress though…

The Kid refuses to play with his toys!

The Kid will come over find whatever he can find my phone, the tv remotes, moms glasses, or a cup full of water.

I do not know what is so interesting about the TV remote, maybe it is a control thing. Wouldn’t you think that he would be more interested in the things that annoy Hot Mama and myself? I mean what could me more fun then a toy lawn mower that is louder than an actual lawn mower? You golf clubs that hurt like hell? Or a train track that is never put together because Godzilla decided to destroy it?

I mean come on, Kid! You have a ton of toys! Why will you not play with them?

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  1. We have the same problem. It seems Livi likes to play with the things we like to use or use the most like our phones. But she’s never really been interested in toys that much.

    • Does that say something about the way that the kids are being brought up these days that they go straight to our phones? Or are we setting the example that our phones are basically a life line to the real world?

      • Well, they see us “play” with it, so it must be a really good toy. I tried to actively avoid it with Livi and it still happened. No wonder, wherever we look, someone is using a smartphone these days. You can’t really shield them from it.

  2. Jaydon always wants to play with whatever I have in my hand. TV remote, cell phone, trash. So every so often I will walk over and start playing with one or more of his toys. Suddenly Jaydon is now interested in his toys and starts playing with them
    You should give that a try. And if it dose not work then at least YOU got some play time in.

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