Naptime FAIL

As a parent we all know how important sleep is. Our lives revolve around sleep. I have blogged about it many times in the past

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Being among some of my more popular posts about sleep.

One of the purposes of a parent is to know when the Kid is tired and needs a nap. The afternoon nap has become so important because then we need a break. I mean come on, we all get tired of the shenanigans that an 18 month old can put you through, like always wanting to go outside, and wanting to play with you. Once the time when he is sleepy comes around and you hear the silence coming from his room there is slight celebration within all of ourselves.

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This past Thursday, the Kid took his “afternoon” nap at 10:30am. Extremely earlier then normal, and by normal I mean more like noon or 1pm he goes down. When he went down the coffee was still in my system so I was nowhere near tired. I usually don’t hit that point until about 2pm in the afternoon and then I need a 5 hour energy. I continue to do some things around the house and before I know it, it is 1pm. I turn on a baseball game and start to fall into a peaceful sleep.

I was still coherent at the time because I was able to hear the baseball game in the background. Anymore I never fall into a deep sleep because of the Kid. But I was catching some much-needed ZZ’s. Then out of nowhere, I start to hear someone playing in his crib.

I let out a slight groan as I get up knowing that I will not be able to get a nap this afternoon.

Note to self… take your nap as soon as the Kid goes down for his!

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I hate it when their naps and my naps don’t coordinate. It’s in my top ten of things I really dislike!

  2. Been there so many times and yet I never seem to learn.

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