Our Little Helper

Lately, the Kid has helped us with the things around the house.  He has learned the meaning of “Pick Up” and will actually start picking up his toys around the living room.  It may take a little bit longer than normal but he does it.

Hot Mama told me that he even was helping her clean the dishwasher the other day by taking out dishes and handing them to her.  Maybe he has watched us and learning.

The Kid has even started sweeping the floors for us.

Anymore he will not let us heat up his milk for him without holding him and letting him open the microwave door and pushing the buttons for us.

Something tells me we are about to reach a stage where it will take just alittle bit longer to get things done around the house even with the amount of help we will or will not be getting (however you look at it).

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  1. My husband doesn’t have the patience to wait for the kids to clean up. As a result, they never clean up for him. They will for me because i allow for kid time. It takes them longer to clean up their messes, but they will clean because they know I won’t end up doing it for them.

  2. My 3-year-old niece does the same thing. She thinks cleaning is a game.
    Unfortunately Jaydon, my 10-month-old likes to take everything out of baskets and cabinets, instead of putting them back.

    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

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