16 Month Dictionary

Here is a list of the words that the Kid is saying.

Bye – meaning is bye however the Kid will repeat this over and over

Baba – meaning is bottle or I want food. It seems that the kid says this all the time. Not to be confused with the word bye

Shu – The meaning is shoe and is best when walked up with a shoe. Not to be confused with Egyptian mythology meaning emptiness or he who rises up.

I am sure that the dictionary will grow. There are words that are becoming a no-no for us to say around the Kid because he knows the meaning of them. Like the word “go,” he will immediately run to the door and “bath” he will run to the bath. The word “diaper” he will run to the changing table.

The Kid is learning so fast.

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  1. It’s amazing how quickly they sprout up and find their way. I started my site last week and its about our family and their attempt to send me off to the nut house. My goal is to give everyone a smile or laugh every day. I spend so much time in school drop off/pick up lines and on the sides of practice fields and well I read the news or check the FaceBook but sometimes I just want a fast chuckle that I can relate to. Hope you can find the time to stop by and check mine out and share if you like.

  2. you are smart to write down the things he says! Make sure you write down the cute way he says things too as he gets older! My kids still say hostible instead of hospital and I refuse to correct them!

  3. Good post. I need to document my son’s progress too. Thanks for the idea. My son hates diaper changes right now. I’m amazed yours runs to the changing table. 🙂

  4. Nice! This was right about the time when my daughter’s vocab started exploding as well. We did end up keeping a running tally of her words right up until she hit 100 words, at which point it was pretty pointless as her vocab was growing too fast.

    Now she’s full-on into sentences & complex concepts, and it’s hillarious. Some of them:


  5. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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