I Own The Couch

Dear Kid,

I do not know what your fascination with the couch is. You have gotten so strong that you are able to climb onto it whenever you want to. It really is not that big of a deal, especially when you want to cuddle with mommy or daddy. However, there are times that I think you like to play King of the Couch.

You will climb onto the couch and throw the pillows off of it and then walk around the whole thing so that mommy and daddy can not sit down on it. I have something to tell you little man, you do NOT own the couch. That couch is mine! Well mom’s if you really want to get down to it.

You know that upcoming in the next few weeks I am planting my butt on the couch so that I can watch March Madness right? You will not be able to climb on it and play on it. I could move over to the chair but the angle to able to watch the TV is not as optimal as it is on the couch. Oh and the remote controls are off limits during that time too!

© The Rookie Dad

So, I will beat you at your new game here soon but then after that, I will let you win again.


About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. my two kids are 3 and 4 and they still think that they own the couch!

    great post!

  2. I lost rights a long time ago to the tv…I refuse to lose the couch too. I have a chaise lounge that has my imprint on it…Hell NO am I giving that up!

  3. HAHAHAHA That is awesome. Our boys really need a play date at the park. They would have way too much fun.

  4. Craig has to fight three boys for the couch – I win though, ’cause I throw three or four loads of laundry on it before any of them get close!

  5. he is ridiculously cute!

  6. agreed, he is VERY cute 🙂
    and just for the record, once you´re kids get the message that the couch is your´s and
    your´s alone…… you get a dog and start from scratch 😉

  7. check out the picture I just published in response 😉

    Have a nice weekend

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