Friday Fail

I couldn’t help but bring back the Friday Fail this week for something I did the other day.

It was an incredible day outside, mid 60’s in February. I decided to hook up the bike trailer to the bike and take the Kid on his first bike ride.

© The Rookie Dad

We ride around the neighborhood, which is a work out! Considering with the weight of the trailer plus the Kid there is about 40 more pounds I am pulling with my bike. Going up the hills were more difficult than trying to explain to a 3-year-old that they can not play in the play pen at McDonald’s.

When we finally make it home, we head out to the back yard to play on his play place. He loves climbing up on the deal and playing like he is captain of his own ship (which little does he realize that he is the captain of this ship).

© The Rookie Dad

After taking a moment to slide down the slide he walks to the steps on the deck and starts to climb on the first one. In a moment of thinking my son was Superman I just watched him climb and stand on that first step then attempt to take a step off of it. Then as if almost in slow motion he fell onto the ground scrapping his nose.

I don’t have any pictures of his nose but it doesn’t look that bad but I had my first moment of saying;

AAHH suck it up son!

Something tells me that might not have been the best thing to be saying to a child who was screaming so loud that the town 5 miles down the road could have heard him!

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  1. my son is a screamer. He breaks a fingernail and screams bloody murder. We say a lot of suck it up kid in this house.

  2. We have a few screamers too in our house. Isnt it crazy how all the bad stuff happens in slow motion and the great things fly by too fast

    Great job on the bike ride

    • Thanks! I look forward to riding the bike more with him in the spring and summer. Also getting a jogging stroller so that he can see what daddy is doing and that he starts learning at an early age how to be healthy.

      All the bad stuff happens in slow motion. The thing is, you can see it happening but feel like you can not get there quick enough to stop it.

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