A Special Key

Thursday, February 9th 2012

I have yet to get Hot Mama anything for Valentine’s Day.    I have been known in the past to just let big corporate created holidays go in the pass without doing anything, but this year it’s going to be different.   I am not going to wait around.  I decided to get the gift early this year.

The Kid and myself are dressed and ready to head out the door, what I didn’t realize was coming was a massive man hunt for what proved to be something my wife laughed at me for.

I pick up the Kid and reach into my coat pocket and shuffle around inside the pocket, almost like in Hitch when he tells Albert Brennaman that if a girl acts like she is looking for the keys that is the signal.  The signal was off, for one Hot Mama wasn’t around playing with her keys but there were no keys in my pocket to be found!

A rush of emotion comes over me! Hot Mama told me last night that I needed to get my keys from the Kid since he was playing with them and would inevitably lose them.

Where did I see them last? Oh yeah his room!

Damn it!

They aren’t in there, I tore apart his room to find them.  Almost even took apart his crib and dresser in a desperate attempt to find the things.   I start to panic!  I think to myself, where are all of his usual hiding spots.  Check under the couch, in the cabinets, the laundry room, and by the computer.  Still nothing.

I didn’t want to do this but I send and email to Hot Mama asking me if she knew where my keys were.  I got the response I was expecting.  A HUGE laugh.  She told me do what I had been doing all along, checking his usual hiding spots.  She even told me to check the dryer in the laundry room.

Still nothing.  I begin asking the Kid as if his first words will be

They are right over there daddy! You are so funny!

© The Rookie Dad

30 minutes into the search and rescue attempt I get another email from Hot Mama saying that she still has no clue as to where they can be but she told me this would happen.

Thanks babe, for rubbing that in.

I get the grand idea to actually check the dryer, opening the door and looking inside the damn machine.  I walk over to the laundry room.  Before I can even get into the room, which I mind you I had walked in before and glossed over, I see something shining at me like gold in front of the door to the garage.  What could that be I wonder?

No, No, No!  My keys were not sitting right in front of the door as if they were saying,

We are right here ready to go! The Kid placed us here because he knew you find us here!


About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I have never let my kids play with my keys for that reason…that and they hit the alarm button on my unlocker thingie and think it’s hilarious.

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