WARNING: This post might offend

I do not normally take a stance on someones religious beliefs, let alone my own.  I also would not normally blog about religion, but I have to get something off my chest.

The Catholic church needs to take a chill pill.

I am a Catholic.  I was born, raised, and will always be Catholic.  I believe in the core beliefs of what Catholics stand for.  However, when it comes to the Pro-Choice/Pro-Life stance that the Catholic church has forced upon all Catholics, I get upset.

In our Diocesan newspaper the arch bishop wrote a letter to everyone in the diocese about the recent decision by the US Government to make health insurance providers give coverage for contraceptives.    He wrote how they are not going to comply with the law because it does not go along with their Pro-Life stance,saying that the only way they could get out of providing that type of coverage to their employees is so narrow that even Christ could not get out of it.

Many women chose the birth control pill for reasons other than preventing a pregnancy, some of the time it is a health reason.   If your employer, even if a religious institution, offers a plan that covers contraceptives that does NOT mean that you have to take part in the free birth control option!

Like I mentioned before, I believe in the core beliefs of the Catholic faith but I also believe in Pro-Choice and having the free will that God gave us when he created Adam and Eve.  That is what made his creation beautiful, the ability to have free will and make decisions on our own.   So what if the US Government wants to force health insurance providers to have the option for free pills.  Again it’s an option an employee has the choice of whether or not to take part in that.

Maybe the Catholic church is feeling like they are failing and are insecure about how well they are getting their teachings across.  The Catholic church should understand that a Catholic who believes 100% in the beliefs and teachings of the church will not take part in the option.  Let them have the choice, the free will, to choose whether they believe in what your teaching.      If they do, then you don’t have anything to worry about, the choice is there but they are not going to take part.   Which in all reality is not that big of a problem right?

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  1. My previous school district that I worked for didn’t cover birth control pills. The board of supervisors was responsible for dictating the health care coverage and they would rather pay thousands of dollars for childbirth than 30 bucks a month for pills. Having two children via c-section, the hospital bills (before insurance) were over 40 grand each. That doesn’t even count the prenatal care. What a warped system.

    I get very irritated when someone tries to dictate a law because of religious reasons. I go to church, I have my beliefs (I’m not Catholic) but there is a separation between church and state in this country and it is not abided by. Everyone says gays can’t marry because of what the bible says. it shouldn’t matter what the bible says because we shouldn’t be governing our country on what a religious document says…I will leave it at that. I’m getting worked up.

  2. Brandon, all I have to say is, well said.

  3. I completely agree and I’m a Catholic as well. This is a requirement to follow the law. Imagine a woman asking for care and illegally being turned away, but that organization still getting tax funds?

  4. Brandon, you are my nephew and you have a right to your opinion. But, I do have to comment on what you said. I have seen over the years many changes that have taken place in our country. One thing I have learned is that what we think at the time is not a big problem, usually has far reaching ripple effects that continue to affect our lives and not always in a positive way.

  5. Brandon,
    You may or may not remember me from TEC long ago but I wanted to share another blog’s post related to this issue. The issue with this mandate isn’t about birth control…its about Religious freedom. I won’t go into the birth control stuff here but I did want to share this point and the blog below. Peace, Mandy

  6. Hi there. I kind of understand what you’re trying to say here. Now, stating “I believe in the core beliefs of the Catholic faith but I also believe in Pro-Choice” makes very little sense to me, since that term (Pro-Choice) basically means being pro-abortion. You can’t be a Catholic and Pro-Choice at the same time. You’re either one or the other. That’s just the way I see it.

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