The Kid is getting close to 15 months old.   Right now, he is doing things that we do not want him to and are having to reinforce the meaning of “No” to him.  It is a battle when the dishwasher is open and he wants to play with the door and climb inside the thing.   He cries and sometimes throws a fit but he knows he should not be doing it.   The current way of him throwing a fit is by just sitting down and crying.   However, he is easily distracted and all it takes is one look at his toy lawn mower or his stackable cups and he is completely content to play again.

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I mentioned that the Kid knows that he should not be doing whatever it is that we do not want him to do, play in the dishwasher, go into the pantry to grab some spices, pull the DVD’s off the shelf, press the power button on the computer………………………………………………….. sorry for that, was not able to catch him in time and he just shut off the computer, thank god for auto-save.  The Kid will look at you as he is doing it to see if he can get away with it or not.  Most of the time no he ca not, which he is ok with since he knows better.

Then there are the times he does something brand new that we do not want him to.   It is cute for a couple times, and I will laugh and even reinforce him to do it again so I can see it again.  Then comes the time that I will say no.  Which to him, is a complete contradiction to what I was just telling him because I was fine with it and now I will not let him throws mom’s collection of Gilmore Girl’s all over the room (although it really would not be the end of the world would it?).   Since I told him he can do it a couple times just because it is cute, he does it a few more times after I have told him no just to see if I was really upset or not. Which he will eventually stop, key word, eventually.

Then comes the issue of time out.  The Kid is only 15 months, still in that cute and cuddly phase, you can also include down right ornery.  Time out would do nothing to him, as he could not sit in a seat for longer then 10 seconds or stand in a corner for 5.  Also shunning the Kid to his room would not do anything since he would just pull all the toys of his shelf and play.   He is 15 months, he is a very young toddler and is expected to do things that you don’t want him to do.

However, we are enforcing the word “No” very early so that he understands that he will not get what he wants all the time.   The hope behind this is that he will not expect everything he wants when he is older.   I know that when he is a few years older we will go through phases of when he wants something and cries because we will not give it to him, but hopefully it will be subdued a little because of our early on “No” drive.   If and when that time comes, then time out maybe an option, however again since the Kid is a very young toddler time out is not an option.

How do/did you discipline your young toddler?


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  1. I hate to tell you this…from this age til about 2 is my least favorite age. I hated it!

  2. I like the principle you’re building on Brandon – that we don’t always get what we want and we’ll be happier if we learn that early in life. Keep it up!

    One piece of advice that we got when our son was that age was to find something that he simply didn’t like (different for different kids) and give him the unpleasant experience when he disobeyed. For him, believe it or not, it turned out to be holding him very close to us and not letting him go. (Being careful to be gentle, but constraining him.) Then we would make direct eye contact and repeat the instructions he had ignored. It was great advice – less than a minute of this and he understood that there were consequences to disobedience.

    Looking forward to reading more in future posts!

  3. I know you know this but encouraging a behaviour then turning around and making it a bad behaviour isn’t fair. One of the tips I was given is consider of the behaviour will be cute when the kid is 5, 10, 15? If not then discourage it. But we have found the naughty spot works provided that you are consistent and actually use something tangible (we actually found a small round rug to serve as our spot) it takes some training and about 2 weeks of repeatedly putting the kid back on the spot until they manage to stay for the appropriate amount of time (with my son it took an hour of back and forth before I got him to stay for the full minute) but once they get the message it works a treat.

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