Powerful Lesson Learned

Many of you who read my blog yesterday were probably wondering what the video was that I had to remove.  Here it is…

This seemed to be a very innocent cute video of the Kid wearing Hot Mama’s shoes.  Well, I should have known better, names are everything.

Youtube puts up similar videos after the video has played, it looks at the name or if you put a tag in it pulls videos that are like yours for people to choose to watch afterwords.  I forgot this when I was naming this video.  The name I gave it was “The Crossdresser.”  Take a guess of what videos were suggested after that video played? Personally, I thought the name was funny and cute.   Boy, I was wrong on so many levels!

Hot Mama viewed the video at work and it was flagged as “Unsavory.”  She sends me a note that I might want to either change something in the video or take it down.  I decide to take down the video and email the family telling them that I am sorry if you tried to view this at work.

After some reply all emails were sent out explaining the situation, people were beginning to wonder what the video was of.  Hot Mama fielded I don’t know how many phone calls from her family about the video.   She then banned me from ever naming or uploading videos from youtube.

Lesson here, be careful about the names you give anything on the Internet and double check your work before sending it out to family and for the world to see.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Isaac is a big fan of mom and dad’s shoes as well. What kills me is that his favorite thing to wear of ours is…my wife’s headband. He loves it so much I got him some from the Dollar Tree for Christmas just so my wife could wear hers again.

    Cute video (and glad I didn’t see any of the cross dressing recommendations from YouTube)

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