No More Cable

Well the time has come.  This upcoming week I will be making phone call to DirecTV and cancelling our service.

We have had to invest more then we initially thought to prepare ourselves for this event.  Living where we live we tried multiple antennas to be able to pick up over the air signals so we aren’t completely in the dark once we pull the plug.  After trying 3 different antennas we ended up going with an outdoor one and are able to pick up 21 channels all in beautiful HD!  After seeing how well we pick all the networks up and their sister stations, I am completely sold.  I almost made the phone call as soon as I had the TV programmed and saw what all we got.

As I have mentioned before we will be going with a ROKU box to be streaming our Netflix along with a few other “channels” Plus being a guy I can’t live without my sports I’ll be able to stream my baseball games through the ROKU or be able to watch it on the computer along with ESPN3.  We were going to do Hulu however when we signed up for the service, we quickly realized that it was not for us as it did not have as many shows on it that we wanted.  That was the reason we decided to go with an antenna that could pick up more channels because we decided against HULU.

I dread making this phone call to DirecTV this upcoming week.  I know that they are going to do everything they can to keep me as a customer.  They will try and lower our rate I’m sure or offer us some movie channels that we will never watch.  But I am going to stand my ground since we have never been happy when they raised our rate after a year into our two year contract.

With the growth of streaming entertainment I wonder how much the cable and satellite companies are losing to companies like ROKU, Sony, LG, and Western Digital (yes they all have a streaming box)?

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. Two years ago, I gave up DirecTV … and packed up my 15″ flat screen tv in its original box and slid it under the bed.

    Every week I receive all sorts of mail from DirecTV and other networks with promises for a bright and entertaining future with them. Every few months, there are salesmen knocking on my door for other entertainment networks promising a bright and entertaining future.

    I’ve not missed the presence of tv. I have not subscribed to other sources. Yet I am not aware of being bored nor do I feel as if I am missing out on watching the world from my comfy chair. After all, there is blogging. 😉

  2. We went Roku – best thing we ever did. Our cable bill was outrageous! Diapers are expensive. That was random but it really does tie in.

  3. When we both lost our jobs, we cut all expenses cold turkey. Cable television and landline phones were the first items. We kept DSL as we needed our computers/internet to job hunt.

    We found we really didn’t need regular television. I soon realized you can watch just about anything online, if you don’t mind seeing it after it aired. I was fine with that. Originally, I started out with networks, but found Hulu to have less annoying commercials. Then, we found Netflix and we watch series of shows that we never watched. We can do marathons if we choose with no commercials.

    In addition, My husband put up an antenna recently. It gives us basic stations. That combined with the computer and we’re just fine. However, I will have him look into that Roku just to see…


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