How Young is too Young

While I was out working, Hot Mama caught video of the Kid doing this:

So how young is to young to start to teach how to do chores?

We know that the only reason any of us have kids is for slave labor around the house.  Granted I believe one year old is alittle young for it, but then again if they want to do the chores then by all means go and do it.

I remember that I hated doing chores.  My mother always made me pull weeds out in the lawn! UGH that was the worst.  Of course I was the type that I would promise to pull two buckets tomorrow if I did not do them that day.  Then it got to three buckets, four, and eventually five and I really hated it when I was forced to pull that many buckets in one day.

I still detest doing chores to this day, but who does enjoy them right?  Ask Hot Mama, my side of the bed is never clean.

Well I need to go pick some things up around the house… wait I wonder what I could blog about now?  Oh there I go trying to avoid picking up.

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  1. if they want to clean…LET THEM!

  2. Adam loves sweeping as well but he’s not walking yet. He just reaches over the baby gate and sweeps around. In my mind it’s never too early to teach this.

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  4. Young children will have an interest in cleaning as they like to copy mummy and daddy and will learn by doing so! So let them, it’s just fun at that age, make the most of it! Just encourage them to tidy up after themselves and help around the house when they’re a little older

  5. Piglet is 16 months old and clears her plate (which I scrape as clean as possible at the table) from the table to the bench. She also helps to pick up her toys. Once they start walking they are fair game for chores in this household.

  6. Kids should learn at a young age that they can help. At a young age, they WANT to help. It not only builds their self esteem (appropriate praise) but builds their knowledge and motor skills. I think 2 is sort of the cut off, but many parents feel as though 22 is really when they should start helping 🙂

  7. why not teach responsibility early…and he looks so happy!!! My sister-in-law bought one of my little guys his own light-weight vacuum when he was two because he was obssessed with trying to vacuum with the big vacuum. It was his favorite gift!!

  8. My son and I wash dishes together a lot. He gets excited when I ask him – crazy, huh? But he loves to play with the water, he loves to spend time with his dad, and he loves being a big boy. Win-win!

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