Operation Moderate Technology: Step 4

I think that step 4 of this process is a direct correlation to the success of step 3.

  1. Turn off the TV, turn on the radio
  2. Put the iPhone down
  3. Sit down play/read to the Kid
  4. Read more myself

I have notice myself reading a lot more then I have normally.  I never was that big of a reader thanks to my 4th grade teacher and my sophomore english teacher who accused me of doing the same book on two different book reports (I don’t think at the time she had heard or read any part of the Harry Potter books to know).

Aunt Amy reading to the Kid (© The Rookie Dad)

I have never been one to just pick up a book and read but now I am picking up my NOOK and reading it.   This maybe a good way for me unwind from the day or to escape being a parent for just a second, but none-the-less I am enjoying sitting down to a good book.  I will admit it I may not read quite as fast as others,  but that just means I’m taking my time to retain the information right?

I have tons of books that I have been wanting to read and now I have no excuse.   I was given a discipline book by a friend who reads my blog that I have yet to get around to,  I want to read Moneyball, and I’m wanting to finish The War Over Late Night (if you are interested at all in the debacle that was the Conan vs. Leno deal… read this book).

This step might be working so good that now step 3 has actually become a chore, the Kid will bring the same book over and over for us to read to him.  You know what though, he sits listens and even helps us turn the page!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I recently got back into reading more the past couple of years. Its a great way to wind down and keep the brain working. When my oldest was 2 he would make me read the same 7 books every night! It’s continued to my other little guys. We have to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear every night and all three of them say the words. Now I just hold the book out.

  2. The Moneyball book is AWESOME. It’s been mauled by a lot of mainstream announcers, but the true premise of the book is absolutely, 100% correct.

    Congrats on getting unplugged, and I totally feel your pain about reading with the kid. Right now Isaac will pick up the book he wants and show it to you, but if you try and take it he shakes his head and pulls it away. He just wants YOU to know that HE is going to read it.

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