Friday FAIL

Belfast Dad sent this one my way about a child who gets stuck in a claw machine and the parent is yelling at the child to get out of there.

There are two FAILs in this video… one of which has nothing to do with a parent.

The first goes to the person shooting the video.  If you are shooting video on a phone, please for God’s sake shoot the video horizontal!  You make all of us media folk angry when you shoot in vertical.   We make fun of you behind the scenes all the time when you do that trust me!  While this video might not have made it onto the evening news, people need to get into the habit of shooting in horizontal if they are shooting video of something that will make it onto the news.

The second goes to the mom.   How long did you keep your eyes off your child that gave him enough time to climb into a claw machine?  Well now you can put a coin in and see if you can win your child back or if it goes to a more deserving mom!

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I find this entertaining because kids will stop at nothing to wreck havoc and be mischievous.

    I do wonder, however why your problem was with the way it was filmed rather than WHY it was filmed. You can hear her frustration and a panic in her voice and before helping he videos it?

    I’ve been in more than one situation where a child and Mom are having a moment like this. I ALWAYS try to help the mom because, frankly, I’ve been there. I’m sure she was worried about her kid and simultaneously monumentally horrified/embarrassed.

    I hope you will re-read this when your little one gets a little older (more mobil and faster) and smile at the naivety of your statement about how long does a parent have to take their eyes off of their child for this to happen. The answer? Seconds. Literally. Kids are crazy fast and, I believe, map out such missions in their minds long before they are executed. This helps with the speed and precision. 😉

    • Why do people shoot video of 90% of the stuff that is on youtube anyway? Even I admit it, I shoot video of the Kid when I know something funny is going to happen and I even think to myself, “Why am I recording this and not helping him?”

      I think that it would take more then seconds to crawl up into a claw machine. You would have to have your eyes off of your child for a while maybe a minute or two in order for them to get up in there. It takes quite the effort to get your arm up there.

      Sure the mom might feel horrified and embarrassed but also as a mom/dad I’m sure she would feel like a failure too!

      Over half of this stuff I know I’m going to go back and look at again and laugh about how naive I am. I have already done that

  2. It is in my opinion that many people in the world are STUPID! I know that kids get stuck in those machines all the time, and that you can take your eyes off a kid for a second, but there has to be a reason that NO ONE saw him or tried to stop him and that is because…someone thought it would be funny.

    (and I don’t think you are being naive…I would consider myself a complete and utter failure if my kid got into one of those too)

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