No Longer a Rookie

I posted about the Kid’s recent adventure to Carter’s well not only did he have an interesting trip but so did we and realized where we were about a year ago.

Upon entering there was a family there that was shopping for clothes that for their 3 month old.  They were simply amazed by the Kid watching him walk around and how happy he was.   They were asking questions…

When did he start to walk? (Answer 9 months)

When did he start to crawl? (Answer 2 weeks before walking)

When did he start to roll over? (Answer… shoot I better as Hot Mama because I can’t remember)

They also asked us what size clothing he was in because they were shopping a year in advance to take advantage of the 50% storewide sale.  We told them he is still in 12 month clothing but at one point he was up to 18 months but backed off as soon as he started walking.

After some thinking, (because we all know it takes me alittle bit to process everything) I realized, they will never really know what size he is going to be wearing in a year.  Ah Rookies!!!

I remember being in that same boat.  We had an advantage since Hot Mama’s sister was already mom of two and we were able to ask her questions.   Without her though, we wouldn’t be the parents we are today because we would have bought his clothes a year in advance and then realized that he doesn’t fit into them when the time comes.

My question  to you is where do you go to get advice on parenting if you don’t know anything?  Books? Other Parents? Classes? The Internet? My blog? HAHA!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. it really depends how desperate I am…I actually bought a parenting book to deal with my daughter, but mostly I go to my girlfriends. (and of course, this blog)

    • Hopefully your not a parenting by the book person… I might need to interview you for an upcoming post as that was what yesterday’s post was going to be about but having to be creative in my way of wording it so it doesn’t offend someone.

  2. I’d say that I just kind of wing it when I don’t know what to do. My wife will go read other blogs to see what people did, but I’m more of a “give it a whirl and see what happens” kind of person.

  3. Heck NO! but someone recommended this one for Ally-Qaeda and her temper tantrums. i am so off the cuff, i can’t even jump into the pages of a book!

  4. Parenting books and articles are good for child-rearing advice, but it really comes down to your specific child and their personality. When I was a rookie, I worried about every little thing, then got cocky, then had another one and realized that #1 and #2 were completely different. Then #3 came along…

    Overall, there is no handbook for your kids and you do have take in everything you can from credible sources, but the best teacher of all is simply spending time with your kids.

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