The Great Battle of Sippy Cup

On Thursday November 11th, 2011 I declared war! War against the Kid.  This war will not be a pretty war. There will be tears shed on both sides as this war is putting father against son.

Recently, we have made the decision to try and get the Kid off of his bottle.  All he really wants is a bottle and just flat out refuses the sippy cup.  We’ve tried different types of sippy cups with milk in it and still he refuses it.  But with this war declaration the full on attack to get him to take the sippy cup is on!

You are not going to win daddy! (© The Rookie Dad)

Round One consisted of my refusal to give him the bottle.  I don’t want the Kid to become dependent on the bottle and to think that it cures everything.  I presented the sippy cup with nice warm milk in it.  He loves milk so I’m not sure why he wouldn’t take the cup if he knows there is his beloved drink in it.  I compare it to beer:  I don’t like drinking beer from a can, I’m ironically a bottle guy, but if someone offers it to me in a can I’m not going to refuse it.

While I know the Kid is only a year old and that we still have a few more months left until he is solely without a bottle I want to get him used to the idea that he won’t have the bottle forever.   I’m going to thank Hot Mama for bringing this point to me.  Now my attack won’t be full blown, it will only be a weekly barrage one afternoon.

The first afternoon of my attack however, he won.  After an hour of hearing him cry and seeing him push back any attempts of the sippy cup I gave him, I gave in.  I let him have a bottle.

Kid, let me remind you, this is a war that you will not win.  You might as well surrender now and make this process easy!  You might have won this battle, but I will win the war!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. What do we want? Bottles! When do we want them? NOW! I wish I had some advice for you, but my kids transitioned easily.

  2. It always seems to take months and about $100 of discretionary income to find a cup they are willing to deal with.

  3. Don’t give in! Don’t give in! Like anything it takes time… Of course my kids had their bottle until they were two. Can you believe that? They could have been president by now if we stopped the bottle sooner.

  4. I have a feeling he’s going to be winning lots of battles. 🙂

  5. Same war when our little one turned 1. It was messy and took a week, but I won.

    The hardest part about these battles is the thought that if they don’t eat, then they will starve. This is where so many parents fail. The kids really do want to survive, but their fight for routine and consistency is almost just as strong.

    You have to turn off a lot of your emotions and just not cave. If you have to, just throw away the bottles and take away the choice altogether. That’s what I did, and if you vow to go through the process calmly, then everyone will benefit in the end.

    Now if I can only get her to sleep in her own darned bed…

    Battle on!

  6. Oh yeah, you’ll win the war. Remember the Trojan horse concept? Your son already knows that and just because there is warm milk in the middle, he will be hesitant to cross that step. Kid’s really are smarter then adults. They know how to push your buttons, they know to wrap you right around their finger, then crush you. All in all though, good luck. Our transitions were easy. We applaud them for being “big kids.” and move right along.

  7. My aunt got my cousin off the bottle and onto the sippy cup quite easilly. At first she just tried giving her it with milk acting like bottles didnt exist. That didnt work. So she put regular milk in the sippy and half milk half water in the bottle.she was done with bottles rather quickly!

    • We are trying a new tactic… giving him milk through a sippy cup when he is eating breakfast.

      But we lucked out on the pacifire since he just flat out refusing it at about 4 months which was a victory in our book.

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