Enter the Full Court Press

Ok, the Kid is now a year old.  We’ve gotten the hang of things, many people can see that we make great parents and are now begging the question, “Now it is time for another right?” or “The Kid needs a brother or sister right?”  Not only that but we are getting pressure from our parents as to when the next little Kid will be running around these parts.  I will admit that the pressure for another is not as bad as the pressure to have our first right after we got married.  We see how long that took, almost 2 years after getting married.

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NO! ABSOLUTELY NO! Not at the moment.  Hot Mama and I have discussed this very topic in-depth.  We are not ready mentally, physically, and financially.   We have thought it would be nice to have another but we are very happy with just one.  Personally, I got the bug to have another when the Kid was about 9 months to 11 months but that has past.  This is our life now and we like it the way that it is.

There are alot of things that are up in the air right now that could change our life.  With that in mind we are waiting to hear what our future holds until we make the decision to add another Kid to our family.

We’ve told friends that there will be no predictions about when we will have another.  When the Kid was born a friend of mine almost predicted the day 3 months before we were even pregnant.  Since my birthday is Oct. 31st and our anniversary is Nov. 1st we have alot going on the first couple days of Nov.  A year after we got married on Oct. 31st we moved in our house and a friend that was helping us move asked us, “What is is with you guys and this weekend? Next year you guys are going to have a baby at this time.”  Well what happened? Hot Mama’s due date was Nov. 2nd.  NO MORE PREDICTIONS!

I hope this will put to rest some of the pressure for us to have another.

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. My son also just turned one and our families and friends started asking us when we are going to have another baby when he was just 3 months old. 3 months! I just looked at them and said, Are you kidding me? It’s crazy how much pressure people put on you to be parents and to have more kids after you’ve had one. We constantly got hounded by our families after we got married about when we woudl have a baby. I told everyone it would be 5 years and 5 years it was. We’re not sure yet when we will have our second one, but we know it won’t be any time soon.
    Stick to your guns!

  2. We had almost 6 years of when are you going to have a baby before we actually did. I’ve been lucky because many people know how hard the pregnancy was so they haven’t pressed the question. In my circles they are lucky to have one 🙂 You’ll know when you’re ready or life may surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

  3. Eh, #2 was born 4 years after #1. No worries. I was content with just one. I knew I wanted 2 kids, but was in no rush to have a 2nd after #1 was born. You’re good to go. 🙂

  4. My son’s 10 and people have finally stopped asking about another. Most of the time, we’re quite content with the one we have. Life is good either way. It’s up to you which way you choose to go.

    • I’m hoping that will be the case. Honestly, I can’t imagine having another right now and I’m really content. Every now and then I get the urge to want another one but then something comes up that makes me rethink that!

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