A New Generation of Students

I noticed this picture when I was surfing for my Friday FAIL this past week. I thought it was interesting in the fact that in a matter of 30 years schooling and parents can change so much.

I remember when I was in school my parents would use incentives/groundings depending on what my grades were.  Never got made at the teacher because well my dad was a teacher and they knew that I could succeed (which I freely admit I didn’t’ try that hard).  I’ve talked about this in the past, why have parents become so soft and believe that their child is king/queen of the world. I may not have been the most motivated student in the world, I freely admit it.  I could have tried harder.

I will expect, the Kid, to stay up with his grades.  Being married to a teacher, she is expecting him to be an outstanding student, I do too.  If his grades are bad, it is not the teachers fault.  There is a reason he got that grade and it isn’t because the teacher didn’t teach him.  The fault will either be with us the parents or him.

I do plan on making sure that the kid is doing his homework.  I do plan on checking it for him and letting him know when I don’t think that something is right, having in go back and check, and either prove me wrong (which will more then likely be the case), or find the right answer.  It is shocking to me that more parents are not like that.  They are mostly the ones who believe that their child deserves better grades then what they are getting.  Don’t blame the teacher for teaching your kid.

Why most parents believe their children are saints is one thing I don’t’ understand either.  Do you really think that they can do no wrong?  Do you really think that someone else is the reason your child isn’t not succeeding in the world?

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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I think this is a really interesting pick-up on an emerging trend. As I continue to teach college and adult students, I’ve noticed that because they don’t have their parents to report back to with their grades and progress they genuinely want to learn for themselves. It’s a different mentality about learning for life not learning for grades.

  2. AMEN!!! It’s unbelievable how much blame is placed on anyone but the kid. I am not that person…my kid comes home with sand in his hair everday and my first question to the teacher was- Is he throwing sand? Not who threw sand on my kid!

  3. why is blame even necessary.its counterproductive.grades are just a praise based way of teaching and it can sometimes backfire. we need to balance things and blame doesnt do that

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