Lesson’s Learned

We went to go see Grandma for an extended weekend and well some lessons were learned.  Grandma’s spoil and the kid won’t sleep in the same room as us!

Lunch with Great Grandma (© The Rookie Dad)

The first one I should know by now.  It was never more evident then this past weekend.  This is not a bad thing.  I remember even saying “We should come down more often if Grandma spoils him like this!”  I love the fact that my mother in law spoils my son and so does my mom.  But spoiling means the parents get the brunt of the damage afterwords.  Meaning the spoiled child wants to do everything and thinks he is king of the world (which honestly he is) and when Hot Mama and I start to punish him for doing something he gets very upset and cries and whines all the time. So there is a an adjustment period when we get back home for the kid to realize that he won’t get away with everything.   It got to the point that when we were eating before we left that Hot Mama asked “Does anyone want a baby?”  He was being a little brat while we were at grandma’s.  This was the first time we took an extended weekend to see family and I’m going to be even more sacred now when all the cousins get together!  It will be fun though!  On the flip side, a 2 hour car ride home with him crying for a quarter of it, put him back into place.

Now, this was one we had an idea of when we stayed in hotels but didn’t know that it was going to be like this.   We would put the kid down to sleep leave the bedroom and go hang with the adults.  When we came back into the room the kid would stand right up and cry! He could be dead asleep and then all of a sudden once we entered the room “BAM” he would wake up.   I didn’t think that it would have been a problem since he was able to get to sleep without us in the room.  In a hotel room I can understand because Hot Mama and I can not leave the room and he can always see us and wants to be with us.  So in order to get him to go back to sleep we did what we never wanted to do, give him a bottle to go to sleep.  We typically let him go to sleep without a bottle or sippy cup, but in order to get him to calm down we needed feed him.  I do believe one night he ended up sleeping with us and kicking Hot Mama almost off the bed.  Why he kicks her and not me is beyond me!?

Now he is back to not sleeping through the night because he is used to waking up in the middle of the night.   Atleast with this we know how to solve the problem, turn the baby monitor off!  Coffee will be a much needed commodity for the next few days!


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I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. that is no fun! Whenever we go out of town, we stay at a hotel that has a bedroom and a living room. We put the tv on in the bedroom, and put the kids to sleep in there and then when we go to bed we just transfer them into the living room. Granted we haven’t done this in over a year, but it does work for us.
    My dad initiates bad behavior with my kids and then gets mad when they take it too far. I just stand there and say I told you so!

    • The wife does the same thing… She is always telling me “He is going to get mad” and when he does I get the “I told you so!”

      I wish that we could afford to stay in a hotel that has two separate rooms. Hopefully that will change in the future! (Foreshadowing to an announcement in the future possibly, maybe? HAHA!)

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