Getting To Cut The Cord Again Soon!!!

Like many people Hot Mama and I have decided to make a major decision. This decision will effect everyone in our family. This will not be a new experience since we have gone through this before. Hot Mama and I are going to get rid of cable tv! I don’t feel so bad about it since I’m not really hurting TV News since we are still able to pick up over the air signals. We aren’t doing this just to save ourselves $100 a month, its a perk but the reality of it comes that we don’t want the kid to be addicted to TV.

We have recently caught the kid stealing the remotes and trying to turn the channels. He is 11 months old and trying to control the TV!!! Just that he knows what the remotes does scares us. Granted, we know that we will still have remotes around but this way the first thing we do when we get home is not sit down in front of the TV.

We had to figure out a way to be able to watch the shows that we like to watch that are not on over the air and we came to the solution that Hulu would work for us. But we would need to either buy a new laptop or computer for us to be able to watch it on, since our current laptop is on its last leg. So for six months I’ve been drooling over a ROKU Box. This thing would allow us to be able to do everything we want and then some!

I waited as long as I could, I wanted one for my birthday and then finally last week I went out and finally got it. Well first, I was pitched a different box by Sony. Ended up buying that one at first but ended up taking it back. Hot Mama laughed at me since I usually do alot of research into a tech gadget before I get it, the Sony box I did none. I was really disappointed in it. Navigation was clunky and searching Netflix only made sense if you were standing 6 inches from the screen since the movie thumbnails were so small.

I took it back and got the ROKU Box! I tell you what, this thing is absolutely incredible. I don’t even know where to begin to explain how awesome this thing is. You’re able to download different channels to it and even able to listen to the radio through it, which is great since we won’t be watching TV as much anymore. Hot Mama the moment she started using it said, “Why haven’t we done this sooner?” She even laughed at me when I said I wanted this thing and now she is practically addicted. Many of you may remember my post about why Hot Mama and I are willing to pay the increase on Netflix, well this little box makes it all worth it!

Oh and the remote, we can let the kid play with as much as he wants! We are able to use our iPhones as remotes. Look out Hot Mama, if you try watching something I don’t want I can turn it off! HAHA!.

Once our deceiving 2 year contract is up with DirecTV we are cutting the cord!

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  1. I could never! But good for you!

  2. We realized that instead of keeping our $8/mo cable package (20-ish channels), we can go exclusively Over the Air and use our Roku for everything else (Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc). Much cheaper.

    • We will be saving over $80 a month going this route! Like I said, the wife wasn’t to keen on the idea when I first presented it but now she won’t look back.

      • The saga continues: Our antenna and converter box came in the mail yesterday while I was at work. My wife spent the whole afternoon trying to get it set up and running. Turns out that in our area, because we’re in a valley, we only get 3 channels and they’re divisions of the same cable channel. Not impressed.

        • It took us a few tries with different antennas to see which one worked best for us. I still don’t think we have the best one we are only able to pick up about 3 channels. We might have to go to an outdoor antenna to pick up the majority of the OTA channels. We mainly have the antenna for during severe weather.

  3. It is amazing how soon you get used to not having cable. Netflix streaming over X-Box live and OTA channels work great for us. Sure I miss a sporting event every now and again, but in the end we feel it was the right decision for us.

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