An Official Name Change

By now many of you have been irritated by me calling the chipmunk, the kid.   Well I just want to come out and let everyone know of the official change.  The chipmunk is now… the kid!  So those of you who hate this change, deal with it because it isn’t going anywhere for a while.  (damn I just lost a bunch of twitter followers and subscribers HAHA)

The kid is now walking and it just doesn’t feel like we have a baby/chipmunk/3am wake up call anymore.   The energy that the baby used to wake us up at a ungodly time in the morning is now being used running around the house, making him tired, and sleeping through the night.  Which I won’t lie makes for a much more peaceful household since Hot Mama and I both get a good nights sleep! He has also lost some weight now that he is not “walking” on all fours.  His cheeks don’t have that classic “chipmunk” look anymore.   So I figured a name change was necessary.

The only attribute that the kid still has from his chipmunk stage, he loves to stuff his mouth with food.   What baby/toddler doesn’t right?

Also on the name change front, The Rookie Dad now has an official facebook page/link!  You can now go to to see all of the adventures with the kid and myself.

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. I think it’s great! You know the nickname for my kid…you can call yours whatever you want and every one else can shove it!

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