Head Concussion

I see a head concussion in my near future.

No, I don’t play football or go skateboarding without a helmet.

The kid has a new game, it is, let’s see how many times we can bang daddy’s head into the ground until he is no longer responsive.

© The Rookie Dad

The kid, when he is ready to play whether I’m mentally prepared or not, will reach up and start pulling my hair.  That is a sign that I need to lay down on the floor because he is ready.  When I lay down, he gives his evil laugh as he comes with his you are mine now dad, run!!!

The kid then reaches down to my head and pulls it up, giving his evil laugh again.  Then pushes it down with more force then is needed to throw a bowling ball.  He does this multiple times along with grabbing my cheeks, scratching my face, nose, and pulling the my lips as if they are elastic.  I’ve become the new toy for him.

It got to be so bad that one day I came home from work and before the kid even had a chance to play this little game, I started to develop a stiff neck.  At first I, figured it was just from a very long day at work.  Then he wanted to play, and the moment he pulled my head up by what little hair that I have, I realized that the stiff neck is from him playing this little game!

I should really stop playing this game because I see a trip the ER for me, try explaining that to the nurses and doctors that yeah my one year old son gave me a concussion and made me look like I was in a bar fight.  You know what though, I can’t resist playing with the kid and if this is his way of showing me that he loves me, I just hope that he doesn’t do this when he is 5, 10, or 15, otherwise we may have a bigger problem on our hands.


About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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  1. It is really funny that you wrote about this because I am sure Adam gave me a concussion last week. My head is still bruised but involved wrestling and then my head meeting the lamp on the table. I blacked out for a second and couldn’t see straight. Apparently according to my Mom it’s the first of many injuries I will sustain.

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