9/11: A Reflection

I wasn’t going to write about 9/11.  It is such a difficult event to write about and brings to many emotions to me, as it does with every American, but I was writing a blog the other day listening to iTunes and the song I Believe (9/11 Remix) by Blessed Union Of Souls came on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP2p3WBy0Zk if you want to watch the video you can, I chose not to embed it on my blog to give you the choice if you want to see the images or not).  This song I play every year on 9/11 because it is the one way that I remember best what happened.

It immediately brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it.   I know it has been said, we will all remember what we were doing that day.   I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I was taking a math test in high school.  I was a junior at the time.  I remember walking out of the commons area where we took the test and back to the classroom.  In our high school, our library was open and everyone could look in it.  I remember looking in it as we passed and seeing the TV on and just seeing something with a lot of smoke coming off of it.   First, I thought that a volcano had exploded.  I was VERY wrong.

I walk into my next class still not knowing what was going on, still no idea that anything this horrible had happen.  I went to Mrs. Brom’s English class.  I remember the words out of her mouth that day…

“I don’t want to talk about what has happened today because it is a horrible day for the United States.  I’m not going to turn the TV on because it is just to difficult to even watch.”

In my head I just wanted to say that some of us have no idea what is going on.  But in our high school Mrs. Brom deserved a lot of respect and so I gave that to her, she was just that type of teacher.   All during class I was wondering what the hell was going on!

We had an open lunch and I usually ate lunch with some friends at their house, but that day I rushed home, I knew something was going on that I needed to know about.  I don’t even remember eating lunch.  I turned the TV on and was glued.  I was shocked, stunned, scared and angry.  How could someone do this to us? Who would want to do this to us? Why would they want to do this to us? Were all questions that even around noon that day the news media still didn’t have answers to.  I wanted to stay home and watch, why were they leaving us in school when something like this was going on?   I started to develop bitter feelings for my teacher who never told us what happened, but days after that, I knew I shouldn’t be angry with her.  We all dealt with this tragic event in our own ways and that was her way of dealing with it.   How I dealt with it, honestly I can’t remember, but like most Americans after that day I felt our country get just a little bit smaller and more patriotic.

This year on the 10th anniversary of the event, may we remember the people who lost their life on that day, the days after, and everyone who lost their life after defending this country against terror.  May their families be in our thoughts and prayers not only today but everyday.

We will never forget!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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