Putting in the Effort

Here it is.  V-day.  Vacation day.  We are excited to get out of town but worried about traveling on the train with the Chipmunk.  I am lucky that there is wi-fi on the train so I can update you about our travels.

Morning: Hot Mama and I wake up and consume a pot of coffee within 4.9 seconds (I think it’s a record).  We got to wake the Chipmunk and find that he is awake and ready for action.  As soon as I picked him up out of his crib, action happened.  Bad action.  Dark brown stinky action all over my shirt, his clothes, and a better portion of his mid-section.  Hot Mama laughed.  I did not.

After a quick sink bath for Chipmunk and a wardrobe change for me (and thinking that this shirt is going to be covered in poo for over a week before it gets in the washer), I sat him down in his high chair for a bottle and some breakfast.  Hot Mama fed him while I started loading the gear in the U-Haul car.  I came in after loading suitcase number 3 and hear “OH” from Hot Mama.  I walk into the kitchen and I start to laugh.  Apparently Chipmunk sneezed with a mouthful of blueberry baby food and Hot Mama was wearing a white shirt (rookie mistake number one for the day).  I took over feeding while wearing an apron while she changed her shirt and removed blueberries from her hair and glasses.

We were finally ready to go.  Car was packed with 678 pounds of baby gear and a small suitcase for the rest of us.  We head off to the train station, get loaded quickly and easily and settle into our seats trying to ignore the glare from other passengers as we walk on with William.  At least he was in a good mood- he was smiley and flirty, and the cute blonde in the front of the train car smiled at him (babies work every time).  We were improving from the bad start we had this morning.

Mid-Morning: We have been on the train for about an hour.  Chipmunk has been mesmerized by watching the scenery go by, making cute funny noises whenever he could.  The people around us were laughing at his exclamations and smiling.  Then we hit a tunnel and Oh My GOSH you would think we shanked the kid!  He began screaming and pointing towards the window.  I picked him up and started walking with him through the cabin, trying to get him to calm down.  He calmed, despite the glare from one man across the aisle and two rows back.  It may just have been the way his face looks, but I am pretty sure that he was glaring.  How do you glare at the Chipmunk?

Chipmunk is currently watching Barney, to which I have apologized to all the surrounding passengers.  He’s big, purple and annoying, but damn can he keep Chipmunk’s attention for a long time.  I am going to try and rest a little while he watches Barney with his mom.  More about the glaring man later!

About The Rookie Dad

I am husband and father foremost. Secondly, I am a PBS producer and contribute to Traveling Dads and Dads Round Table.

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